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einer Zeit, in welcher Galen und sein arabischer Nachschreiber Avicenna

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time, an anodyne draught may be given. It may be composed

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Bry., 3 X, congestion of the liver ; yellow, thick coated tongue ;

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This preparation is in handsome greenish scales, and is

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Whooping- Cough is eminently contagious. The child may be

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whip are mentioned as articles, belonging to a physician,

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purgative; a blister outside the tliroat, and warm bran or lin-

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until in distant ages they were evidently committed to

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sledge journey undertaken by the commander, Captain

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much pain and irritation, add tincture of conium, or hyoscyamus,

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night, or early in the morning, is very useful in habitual co.stiveness.

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Car-min'-a-tives. Medicines which allay pain by expelling wind from

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le but de la médecine est „//<r débarrasser compUUment les malades de

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Bayberry, lupuline, wild ginger, sassafras bark, gum myrrh, lady's slip-

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cialist in medical electricity, using various batteries, and watch-

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bling of the legs. There is vomiting, and a peculiarly offensive

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philosophisch-historische Classe vom 26. November 1903. [Mém.

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When weighing and measuring are impossible, and wiien the

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secrecy between them on any subject whatever. Let the one

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there is a deficiency of red globules, or coloring matter in the

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One fluid ounce of this product added to nine fluid

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nent incurables ou pires qu'avant. Ils détruisent parfois les membres malades

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The clinical importance of urine analysis is full}' recognised.

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degree at least, never spends a fruitless or tiresome hour. Time

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Johannes Jacobi, chancelier de la Faculté de Montpellier vers 1364

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82 Camphor. — Sahvation, hives, Bright's disease, hoarsenes.

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and troublesome ulcerations formed. 13read-and-water poulticing

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ing from thence round the neck, then tying the other two be-

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dustry, economy, and prudence. And if the most fitting place

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Internally, give Arsenicum, 3 x, every two hours, if there is much

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nised against cultures of Meningococcus {Micrococcus

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great prejudice against this operation, and they will often risk

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Barrenness. — Barrenness is the defect of power in the fe-

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give linseed-tea or barley-water, and to an adult thirty drops of

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Fumitory, Compound Decoction of.— Fumitory, dandelion roots,

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wards the trunk in his hands, and raise it, and use a round

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the renal affections of pregnancy. Effervescing draughts, with

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rapidement sur le thorax par plusieurs aides à la fois et à l'endroit où elle

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but in Avarni weather, light soft flannel socks will suffice. The

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should be removed by a weak lye, made from hard-wood ashes

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Ex-pec'-to-rant. A medicine which aids the discharge of phlegm

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ou son puit dont l'eau a une action particulière sur la vue, à condition

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observe aussi de temps en temps chez des Européens ou de» Chinois.

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an ounce; bruise roots and berries — boil in two quarts of water down to three

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approaching the interesting and critical period already named,

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will hasten a cure. Have it opened, early ; by so doing you will save

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on which the scales are speedily reproduced. Leprosy commonly


i^^lreianT* ^^ ^"'' European nation. " It might be proved,

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and warm baths. In old chronic cases, apply externally either

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30, and Kali Bromide, have all cured this distressing complaint.

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with vertigo and slight delirium. These are followed by severe

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in a proper spirit, determined to do their duty whatever betide,

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on the the front of the legs, and sometimes on the arms, assum-

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Among the early Irish, as in all the Celtic nations,

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Aug. Gottl. Richter, Will. Hunter, Bichat, Lobstein d. Ac, Joh. Müller. Mehr philoso-