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people live, the longer will bo their stay in this world; and

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alkaloid as a soluble salt in a chemically pure con-

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their use, astringents, antiseptics, anesthetics, expectorants and

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3) Koch, Aerztliche Beobachtungen in den Tropen, Berlin 1898, Deutsche medic. Wochen«

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own '• sick men and women, and for the keep of those

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water slightly acidulated with acetic acid, or by subsequent fermentation, or

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les mains de villes et présomptueuses matrones. Et si la chirurgie est

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Chests, fitted with ' Tabloid ' medicines, in daily use during

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and place upon the toast, with a little butter, pepper and salt ; without

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should be observed to avoid the teeth, which, being good con-

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who lie nearest her heart in this matter : for it must be obvi-

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an seinem Hanndtwerch verkhlainert wurde sol dauon wegen khainer im

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Quant à l'immunité on ne connait pas d'exemples péremptoires. On

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Together we lay siege unto the mountain and near the peak, receive all thanks for now Fairmont, WV

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for a short time, twice or thrice daily, provided the spine and

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Arrow Root {Maranta Arundinaced) . Often used as an article

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A mustard poultice over the chest acts as a powerful stim-

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Treatment. — Wash the body well with vinegar and water,

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Issued in bottles ofJl. oz. 4 (114 c.c.),Ji. oz. 8 (227 c.c.)

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bemg " tain " or " tauilt." " Teiain ' also was piague

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tion for. — Germander, mugvvort, southernwood, pennyroyal, feverfew, tansey,

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durch die Mark, durch Preussen, Littauen, Polen, Ungarn, Wallachei,

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ing and curvature of the spine ; suppurating sores of various kinds ; felon ;

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