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Medicine Chest, here illustrated, which was discovered

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gent. Decoction sometimes used to relieve colic and check diarrhoea.

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Tu-me-fac'-tion. The act of swelling or forming a tumor.

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improvement. This may be rubbed on the belly when it is sore

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it is a very useful purgative for children. It is highly recommended for

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Issued in bottles offl. oz. 4 (114 c.c.),Jl. oz. 8 (227 c.c.)

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these except under medical advice and supervision. In many

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Fuller donna ses soins à ceux qui étaient d'une autre église, comme aux siens;

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Cut Throat. — The danger to apprehended in this case is

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pocket-handkerchief, without much regard to quantity, and hold

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erfahrenen Arzt, der da wisse und nicht wähne. Durch die drei mag ein

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or two tablespoonfuls at a time. The quantity of tartar emetic

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Les chiffres de la gale (4,8 \ des Indigènes et 0,71% des Européens)

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For full particulars of the pharmacology and therapeutics

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persons are prejudiced against quinine, but their prejudice is without

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The medicinal contents of these cases are selected in view of

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Dose — gr. 1/4 to gr. 1/2 (0-015 gii- 'o 003 gm.)

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Dr. Moulinier relates a ease of "transformation myélo'ide complete de la rate

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PROF. CASPARI, in his Treatise on Pharmacy, says :—

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Se trouver en Amérique; ce furent, comme on sait, les auteurs médecins

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Few women who are near their confinement, are sufficiently

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gullet of each of them, and every one of them was as

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récentes, Chronique des faits et événements de ces jours inoubliables et

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Cependant à Avignon la situation des juifs est loin d'être malheureuse:

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and various forms of dissipation ; gastric derangement during pregnancy,

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anima nostra desiderabat, invenimus in palatio Emmanuclis 1) imperatoris,

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age, although we have known them to begin as early as eleven

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sujets introduisant la maladie „ex coitu cum impura muliere".

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in a degree. The head of the bone lies lower down, and is less

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off with a turn or two round the leg above the ankle.

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(Comp. Care Rep), Matt Fields (Executive Council Rep),

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each two ounces; cloves, one ounce — all to be finely powdered, sifted, and mixed-

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O'Dunleavies, who died in 1395, 1527, 1567 and 1586,