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had many roots or feet. It is the result of an excessive growth

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Chan'-cre (shank'-er). A venereal or syphlitic sore.

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Inflammation of the Ovaries. (276) (Ovaritis.) — Aeon., i x,

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camphor mixture and mindererus spirit, of each two ounces;

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Lobelia, Pills of. — Extract of lobelia, lobelia herb, powdered, and

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ques propriétés se développaient ou disparaissaient; le type de l'homme restait

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the tongue is covered with a thick brown fur, and the inside of

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Prompt Cathartic. — ]Mix a tablespoonful each, of castor oil and molasses,

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tartar, no good can be effected until this is removed, and it

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infusion, or juice of mugwort, Q. S. to mix with — 165 pills. Two night and

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the powers of life at length succumb, and the patient sinks into

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inflammation, and considerable pain; they are not contagious.

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tell us, that in Lapland this phase of woman's physical life oc-

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fire, but so as the fire's too great heat reach it recipes

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with the first. A perseverance in this plan during ten or twenty

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drinks, milk and water, barley-water, weak tea or whey. Care

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Water as an Emetic— In the great majority of cases, warm water is

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eine E. Hannss zuerlegen ordennliche Vndterschidliche lauttere Rechnung

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Put two teaspoonfuls of the above mixture to a wine glass of water.

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of copper, or nitrate of silver, dissolved in an ounce of water,

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disease and suffering that commonly affect the women of civil-

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peut à l'exclusion de la ptisane être conseillé dans les affections aiguës.

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paired. These symptoms continue one, two, or three days, and

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of treatment is by no means encouraging. But in cholera the results depend

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spoonful or two of warm wine and water, should be introduced

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Each fluid ounce contains pure pepsin and pure pancreatin, of each

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Salt Emetic. — Two teaspoonfuls of coiumon salt in a teacu]>ful of warm

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52 Vinegar and Magnesia. — Headache, convulsions, loss of sight.

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darin ist. Hierauf zu merken ist, so die Zeit die Kunst bricht, dass wir

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Pharmacie. Paracelsus zuerst wendete Quecksilber, Arsen, Antimon, Blei

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Mix 100 pills. Dose: two or three twice or thrice a day, as a warm stimulant

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the parts may be so irritated by friction as to become violently

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the bitten part, and give hot brandy and water, or some sal

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of inflammation, the patient sliould live sparingly; but tonics,

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able him or her, as the case may be, to assert that the en-

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of nitrate, and affords a clear solution with Ammonia.

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„une place où la maladie règne, mais où ces individus ne sont pas nés." i)

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than the twelfth or sixteenth ; for the first it would be too soon

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these pure and reliable preparations, this brand should always be

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non pour celles, où régnent des formes plus sévères 4).

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small pieces ; pour half a pint of boiling water over it, and let it stand

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