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Le premier livre traite brièvement du diagnostic des affection oculaires
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of pure love, and of the physical capacity or power to realize
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documents are still extant in the Royal Irish Academy,
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Schusterschwärze, Fimiss, Honig und Feigen gebrauchte er ebenso wie
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leistet ihm viel mehr. In seiner „grossen Wundartzney" führt er die
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throat to the ear. A well-known specialist says that he has
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education of medical students and housestaff while overseeing
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that could be bestowed upon him, that she enters the marriage
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This is a favorite dish with nearly all sick people, when they are
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is standardised to contain i per cent, of total alkaloid.
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ounces of alcohol (45 per cent.) makes a preparation
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C'est une compilation faite sur les auteurs arabes suivant:
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very quickly. A simple dressing of spermaceti ointment is
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Each bottle contains 7 fluid ounces of a very dark, syrupy liquid, one-
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in Celtic were removed, which so cleared his intellect
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citant la syphilis comme une maladie toute moderne et de provenance américaine.
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ticed for ten or twelve days, the child may then be carried out
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lowed access to persons sick with small pox or varioloid.
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Chairman Med.-Cairo Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport
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E-lec-tri-za'-tion. Medical use of the electric currents.
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wird I fl. in die Püchssen oder laden ein zulegen schuldig sein.
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nutrition, and of a better quality, will thus be provided ; and so
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With females, bandy legs are more serious deformities than
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of binding, which, when completed, sets it fast in the rigliit
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Pactum pro Magistro Petro de Narbona, sirurgico, et honesta muliere
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'Don't worry, I know CPR. (I think I remember . . . .)'
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divided into three kinds, paregorics, hypnotics, narcotics (see these
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sich selbst Nicht ein Fleckchen an ein Paar Hosen setzen." „Der Arzt
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Il faut se méfier et souvent ne prendre Tinstrument quel le prix étant
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the cure of this disease. The treatment must be general and
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circonstances lui sont favorables. Quand nous voyons que les affections
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Issued in bottles offl. oz. 4 (114 c.c.),fi. oz. 8 (227 r.r.)
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hunderts. Corr. Bl. d. allg. ärzt. Ver. v. Thür., 1902, 6.
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from pain is obtained ; but if they continue unbroken, the patient
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bowels. For profuse menstruation, the patient should assume'
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violently. It may bo at once detected by the depression in
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Issued in bottles of oz. i (28-3 ^w.), oz. 4 (113 g>".)
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nissen mehr vertraut zu machen, was jedoch nicht gut gelingen wollte in
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wliich are known to be thoroughly genuine and trustworthy.
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Mix and divide into thirty-two pills. Take one every night
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Bell, and Castanea Vesica, and they should be used under the special
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von dem, darum er biUig am ersten beschreibt annos naturae. Und ist
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ten drops three times a day in a little Avater. Apply also the
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make themselves acquainted with the best remedial measures.
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Podophyllum, i x, chronic diarrhoea, worse in the morning, caused
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the end of the first year, and continued at this degree of warmth
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(15) Andres de Léon, „Practico morbo galico", Valladolid 1605, est une
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comes in contact with the debris contained in any part, and, in consequence,
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added. Small quantities of nourishment may be given every ten
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appear ill, or who complains of feeling unwell. In such a case
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The colleen who puts a sprig in the shoe of her lover
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Filariose pure. — L'auteur a observé une fièvre, assez fréquente à Porto-