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Symptoms. — The first symptoms of this cough are those of a

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cough ; diarrhoea, etc., one of the best remedies in this disease.

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Sac'-cha-rine (rin). Sugary; having the quahties of sugar.

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face, breast, or arms; again they appear as red shining patches

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Liniment for Gathered Breasts. — Linseed oil, eight ounces; olive

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barb, one pound each of cinnamon and golden seal. Grind or

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quickly upon persons accustomed to the use of stimulants.

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Julius Jolly^s Medicin (Grundriss der Indo-arischen Philologie und Alter-

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Each bottle contains 7^ fluid ounces of a mixture having the odor and

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abbaye, Renzi a relevé le titre du traité suivant: Capitula libri Aurelii

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Va-gi'-na. The passage that connects the vulva with the womb.

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De-mul'-cents. A mucilaginous medicine which soothes diseased mu-

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