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Obwohl einige Bücher anatomischen Inhalts publicirt wurden, so ist

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the eyelids, we may perceive a little point at each, which is the

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oil of peppermint, previously dissolved in a little alcohol. Take

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Aeon., I X, for fever ; quick wiry pulse ; pain and anguish, and with this

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the vomiting is excited by some improper article of food, a mild

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Camp Tiger is a five-day camp held each summer for children with physical or developmental disabilities

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throat and is therei'ore beneficial in sore throat, bronchitis, and laryngi-

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compound fractures — where the soft parts about the broken

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ty, Ferrum : if from rheumatism, Cimieif., 3 x : if from brain and spinal

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consider that a step once taken in thi^ latter direction is never

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may be taken dry on the tongue, or as much as could be placed upon a

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course of time an abscess forms, which, if not arrested, at length

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that frequent contact with such persons often so blunt the

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of soda, two drams, in a quart of bran tea. If the simple alum

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Bridgeport, WV To the Academic Standards Committee; Thanks for sending us to Vermont!

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"Willow. The willow tree has rendered valuable aid in relieving

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like tinder, often take fire from the slightest spark, and it

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ceased to pulsate. Everything, in such a case, depends on the

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Magnesia {Calcined Magnesia). Prepared from Carbonate of

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much sexual intercourse, and anything which has a tendency to

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balmy winds, — the song of birds, the changing seasons, and the

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body has not penetrated far. If the opposite nostril is closed,

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his wounds, and gave certificates as to their character,

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Narcotic Poisons are : Opium, chloral, alcohol, bella-

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When Pope gave utterance to the celebrated aphorism,

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than the debilitated and those who have suffered for a long

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Wenn Hr. Äriff Arslan wieder von Neuem 2) hervorhebt, dass er lediglich

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Diphtheria. — One part of muriatic acid, and three parts of honey;

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The principles upon which this practice is based are founded

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by means of ' Soloid ' Brand Water Analj'sis Cases. A chapter

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Re-frig'-er-ant. Medicines which lessen the heat of a body.

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pulse sinks rapidly, and there is great prostration of strength,

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Issued in bottles of oz. i (28-3 gin. ) and oz. 4 (113 gm. )

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et contra omnem maculam, Tel est son effet que: si medicus earn facer e

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One fluid ounce of this product added to nine fluid

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to become a healthy, cheerful wife and mother, or the reverse,

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Apparent Death from Hanging or Strangling. — Re«

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further to " suffer a reddening of his face without insult

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till the pain is somewhat abated; lay a piece of dry lint over

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Cayenne Pepper {Capsicum Fostigiatum). Used more as a

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cesses, by baths, a regular diet, and strict attention to clean-

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ly in those whose mental constitution is weak, are very numer-

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treatment be such as will keep the skin moist, look out for diarrhoea

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Treatment. — If the patient is of full habit, saline aperients

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the patient as perfect as possible. After the acute stage of the

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will produce it, and we recollect one instance in which it alwa3'^s