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spéciale des Nègres, mais elle se trouve aussi chez les Hindous 3) et on a

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et autres qui en ont parlé. Mais on n'est jamais tombé d'accord et pour

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organs are overloaded, yet it is always proper to guard against

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Water Brash. (262) — Nux Vom., 3 x, will generally remove

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expressions of extreme pity and sorrow, for children accustomed

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straf nach gelegenhait seiner beweglichen Vrsachen auf halbs oder weniger

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On ne pouvait mieux diagnostiquer et traiter une pleurésie purulente.

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The Catholic Medical Student Association's goals are to promote spiritual and moral values, advance the

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et qui ont été appelées „bubons d'emblée". Peut être s'agit il de filariose.

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When the labor pains become very great, the patient

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skin, enters directly into the fat, upon which the pain ceases,

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The syphilitic poison, when it has once entered into the

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hands behind ; then let her slowly inhale pure air to the full

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Treat part of a chicken the same way for chicken broth.

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général et hîogçrapfaief bibliographiques de celle d'Eivpagne en partienlier*

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is at first often stained with blood, and accompanied by fever-

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localités, n devint auteur 42 ans après le premier yoyage de Colomb et ne

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Neuralgia. (215) — Aeon., i x, from cold, with fever, in teeth

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Geisteskrankheiten, paroxysmalen Hämoglobinurie und der Anämie, der

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to relieve the vomiting; on the introduction of water into the blood by the

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in apoplectic or congestive cases. If, in such cases, the cord

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carefully introduced into the mouth, and the tenacious slime

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two varieties of this disorder, one of which is regarded as acute,

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1 quart of tlie solution of carbolic acid, and mix well.

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or three times a day. In obstinate cases, there should be an in-

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qu'à la fin du XVe siècle et je puiserai dans les documents des archives

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Colomb et le médecin de la troupe dans le deuxième voyage. Alvarez

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has only two methods, one to throw it up by coughing, the other

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grains ; tartrate of iron and potassa, 10 grains ; pure spring water, 10 gallons.

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been caused by impure water and to have been contracted on shore, but in a

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after a brief moment's repose, a second but a less severe and a

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chloride of lime, contained in an earthen or wooden vessel, and

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In this vital and mysterious intercourse, there must bo no false

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boil down to one — strain, and fine sugar, half a pound; best brandy, twelve

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Treatment. — Rubbing the nose with goose-grease, lard, or

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water. The clothes should be loosened, and barley-Avater or rice-

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passage through Avliich the foetus has to pass, so that it can

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les successeurs de Colomb et de Pinzon. (Mémoires de la B. Acad. de l'His-

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instruments, such as bayonets, swords, scissors, hooks, or the

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a genuine interest in teaching medical students and residents.

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(p. 250—264). Ein Denker spricht aus diesem Aufsatze, der sich einem Excerpt an dieser

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Syphilis. (252) — Put yourself under an able surgeon's care.

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ment dentists call a key instrument; this has a claw to seize

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Treatment. — Administer such medicines as will give tone

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and bottom of the belly, together with pain in the head, sick-

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Queen's Root {Stillingia Sylvaticd). This remedy was formerly

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leech for each year of the child's age is the general rule to be

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in which a very slight irregularity in the mode of living has

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vantages obtained by well-regulated habits are by no means ex-

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