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oil of peppermint, previously dissolved in a little alcohol. Take
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about the size of a pin's head, filled with colorless fluid, and ter-
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18. Veneration, Reverence for sacred things — devotion — respect.
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blood vessels ; dilated pupils, convulsive movements of the face and limbs,
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et plus de douleur une incision aussi bas que possible plutôt en arrière
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only at or near the time of her menses. The marvelous regu-
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pills, and take one at bed time. Or the following. Com-
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of our being, and the mighty human brotherhood to which we
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its ravages, eating into the springs and sources of life, and de-
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coeur avec celle des autres organes et, bien qu'il ait attribué aux particules
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Dressingrs. Pleated Compressed, 'Tabloid' Brand— continued
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whites, and excessive menstruations. III. Comfrey root, two ounces; elecam-
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the administration, to children and fastidious patients, of an
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as repugnant as the idea of total annihilation hereafter. A life
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les Indigènes. Mais depuis qu'on applique la méthode aseptique et anti-
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mischief may result from the unskillful application of the for-
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upright part of the letter after Avhich it is named ; or, there
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official method, but is standardised to contain 0-5 gm.
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semblent constater l'influence considérable de la race. Mais quand on étudie
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et qui ont été appelées „bubons d'emblée". Peut être s'agit il de filariose.
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state of quietude, and in such a position as to relax the muscles
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En acceptant ces conclusions on peut s'expliquer la différence des
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E-mol'-li-ent. A softening application which allays irritation.
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also favors the secretion of urine and slightly relaxes the bowels.
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will instantly cause them to breathe and cry out lustily. The
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Prepared specially for anresthesia, and conforms to
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indiqué par Patrick Manson comme étant le plus pratique dans son livre les
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mental, moral, or physical — but be nursed in this atmosphere
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Rhus Tox., 3 X, much itching of the skin in connection with the
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As-sim-i-la'-tion. The process by which the food is changed into
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floor should be kept clean and dry ; wet and soiled articles of
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taken with the Expedition were only taken for purposes of
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Sac'-cha-rine (rin). Sugary; having the quahties of sugar.
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1 teaspoonful of blood root, and let it stand seven or eight hours
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ever sliglit defects may be apparent in those who are near and
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About 6 fluid ounces of a vinous tincture of cardamom and ginger
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la fistule : nombre de fols meges font la pire des cures . . . nous avons dit
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amenable to treatment; sometimes it disappears after careful
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sol derselben seiner hausfrauen Ehelichen geburt khundtschaft aufzulegen
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If the pulse is weak and rapid, above one hundred and
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des praticiens de la chirurgie de cette période étaient de simples empiriques,
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tration ; pulse weak and slow ; abdomen bloated ; frequent diarrhoea.
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at the commencement of the trouble ; if the discharges are principally of
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astringent properties, useful in bowel complaints; also a wash for sore nipples.
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the patient as perfect as possible. After the acute stage of the
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Aloes {Aioe Vulgaris). An excellent purgative, does not produce
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abbaye, Renzi a relevé le titre du traité suivant: Capitula libri Aurelii
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require the strongest purgatives to keep them at all open. It
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Make thirty pills. Take one every six hours, to promote exjuictoratiou in
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mit dem Neuffülenrnnu^ zusammenhangen, würden «ftch Dr* BarbmAnn's