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This preparation corresponds to the B.P. Extract, ])ut
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as it is likely th«^:'o may be consumption, or other organic dis-
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stomach in a single evacuation, a point of importance when a
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Vierer ausser bewilligung der obrigkhait nichts zuhanndlen oder zutädigen
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or moist diet, dispose the body to this affliction, by weaken-
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barb pill, as often as required ; and to strengthen and cool the
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Prolegomena zur Keilschriftmedicin. Orientalist. Litteraturztg. 1902, April.
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gle sentence without hesitation, can sing a song of many verses
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der viertl stundt erschiene, gegen demselben mag ein E. hanndtwerch die
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the disease, tonic medicines must be used. Dogwood bark,
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aginous fluid. When the stools present a whitish or clayey
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which is quinine. It is well known that quinine is one of the very best
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the itching. When the eruption has subsided, and the desquama-
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the strong will be likely to render themselves weak by the
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burst, and the inflammatory symptoms have subsided, a gener-
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of applying what is called a many-tailed bandage. — useful to
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Constipation. — During the latter months of pregnancy, con-
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their ears familiarized to the ribald song and jest, they sought
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is, thirty-nine weeks only, instead of forty, or nine calender
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Treatment. — On the first appearance of the disease, if pos-
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Belladonna, 3 x, intense redness of the skin ; high fever ; smooth
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being given to her, or from the circumstance of sustenance being
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end of the collar-bone may be dislocated by a blow or a fall,
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In the year 541, about a century after the arrival of
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hovering about her hearthstone and burning brightly upon the
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rate of silver, has been swallowed by accident when used for
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Viult'Dt, Troublesome Coiii/h. — Dilute hydrocyanic acid, twenty drops;
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quia non solum regem verum etiam multos per Buam cynir^am deoeperat, extinctuB
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As a general rule, in all cases of poisoning, especially if
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Praxis stehe unter dem Zeichen : „Die rechte Türe der Arznei ist das
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and they will generally fall into a refreshing sleep. Children
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of bad practices, are ashamed to state their cases to a respect-
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perienced, the breasts enlarge, become sensitive or even slightly
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Dyspepsia. — A sense of distention of the stomach, belching of wind,
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they are to be strictly followed, and when departed from.
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vnnd vermelden damit der verstorbnen Personen gefreundte anndere
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symptom of the three types, and every case conforms more or
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chiefly of animal food, taken at certain intervals. For children,
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Treatment. — The treatment consists in applying to the parts
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Sudorific Powders. — Lobelia herb, skunk cabbage, pleurisy root, and
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Ars., 3 X, a very useful remedy to prevent the recurrence of an at-
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camphor julep three times a day. Or, take of flowers of sul-
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inter porcos projicere, sed amore domini nostri lehsu Christi pauperes curate
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humor being stagnant in that part, — whether this has happened
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Take time to do the things that really make you happy.
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lations of the other pole are applied to the diseased part.
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A sudden suppression is always dangerous; and among the
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Tongue-tie. — It frequently happens that the tongue of an
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institution civile de Ponce", il put se procurer d'abondants matériaux d'étude.
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used in combinations to rub with in rheumatisms, etc. , etc.
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of food is especially proper in her case. As the appetite is
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Zusammenstellung der medicinischen Vorschriften und Recepte in 8 Bänden
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violence of the attack has subsided, leaving a rough, hoarse cough.
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blood may be thoroughly pressed out, which will squirt from