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Sous quelles circonstances peut-on parler de „pathologie des races"

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„raison de ne pas entreprendre les maladies qui ne peuvent être guéries;

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10) Das Rassenbecken (Archiv für Anthropologie, 1884).

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affection nous observons, que les individus d'une race, originaire d'un

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is certain however that camphor exerts a quieting influence upon a dis-

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with medicines for every variety of climate, from the fully-

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We rank in the top 6 percent of accredited hospitals.

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lent pain across the chest, which extends down the arms, and

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Velcher alsdan deren ortten verlustig oder Strafbar erkhenndt wirdt,

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Par-a-cen-te'-sis. Puncturing of the chest or abdomen for the

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This is a nourishing drink toward the close of fever and during conva-

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creasing in intensity for a day or two, or perhaps several days,

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A writer of great judgment and experience on this subject,

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bread in some way or other, Ave shall be safe in appealing on

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skill appear of one uniform scarlet tint, that is over the body

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Ragweed (^Ambrosia Artimisicefolia). Bitter tonic properties

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fallen from its high estate, and estranges itself from the enjoy-

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22 Coffee, Ipecac. — Excoriating leucorrhoea, fall of the womb.

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it daily for an hour or two when the weather is clear and mild.

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food. In the commencement, lie sliouM refrain entirely from

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Sa-li'-va. The spittle ; the secretions of the salivary glands of the

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of authentic history, we find in several authorities

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Issued in bottles off. oz. 4 (i 14 c.c.),f. oz. 8 (227 c.c.)

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to cure the disease, but it is indispensable that the patient

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We would caution our readers strongly against the careless

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Artificial Nursing. — Under judicious management, in-

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place. In what is technically called the interrupted

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applicable to the very onset of the disease ; but it has the ad-

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M. le Prof. GuYE porte dans cette livraison un hommage bien mérité

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of nitrate of silver or powder of Indian hemp ; if this be not

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malaria et une autre d'une autre. Par exemple les Kabyles en Algérie ont

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by curtailing some of his wasteful personal expenses he might

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of chorea begin to manifest themselves. The too frequent use

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able to the entire Mell being of the human frame, and at no pe-

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à l'état du malade et d'écarter de lui tout mal et tout dommage;

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ing the eruption with mercurial ointment, or puncturing each

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Ex-cre'-tion. Waste matter thrown off from the system, as the perspi-

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the perspiration is unable to escape freely through the skin, it

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it is well for them to do so, provided they take only gentle ex-

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being always well lubricated with lard or oil, that it may be

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twice daily for a week, will bring the case under control.

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ceed to suppuration, the matter must be let out by a free inci-

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atmosphere inhaled by those who have passed its fearful Rubi-

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