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carried, in a reclining posture, on the arms of a careful nurse, in
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ally accompanied by a sense of weight in tlio back, loins,
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channels through which the pleasantest intercouse may flow
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throughout the world in folk-lore, early manuscripts and
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zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts in wesentlichen Punkten auf Irrwegen
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to boys than to girls, in almost every relation, yet this latitude
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spirits of wine, or eau de cologne, one of chloroform, and one of
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rable aux études, une instruction commencée dès l'enfance, l'amour du
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very contractile force of the .sphincter muscle, which renders retention of
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One-sixteenth to one-fourth of a grain of podophyllin may
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by gentle aperients, combined with anti-acids ; a five-grain rhubarb
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At'-ro-phy. A wasting of flesh and loss of strength without any sen-
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The 1991 Pylon staff is pleased to dedicate this issue to Dr.
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Taffection d'un côté, tandisque l'autre reste tout à fait intact. Il serait du
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marsh-mallow root, poplar bark, bistort root, white pond lily, cloves, and gin-
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pursued for inflammation of the stomach, though the neutraliz-
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root, taken three times a day, either in water or herb tea, have
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scruples; pulverized cinnamon, 10 grains. Mix. Dose, three
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Chan'-cre (shank'-er). A venereal or syphlitic sore.
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from impure associates, or the unguarded conversations which
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well as to uterine hemorrhage and abortion in the mother ; it
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of old age consists of old memories and associations. Aged
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ques propriétés se développaient ou disparaissaient; le type de l'homme restait
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Prompt Cathartic. — ]Mix a tablespoonful each, of castor oil and molasses,
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The cup is to be brought near the patient, then quickly placed
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The digestive organs of the infant are not sufficiently strong to convert
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body-linen may be changed ; but all this should be done very
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fire, but so as the fire's too great heat reach it recipes
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with the first. A perseverance in this plan during ten or twenty
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times with a colorless, sometimes with a brownish lymph, ap-
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by a white discharge only, and accompanied by acute pain at
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Put two teaspoonfuls of the above mixture to a wine glass of water.
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or moist diet, dispose the body to this affliction, by weaken-
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sound one ; and when this is the case, lay a short splint along
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Issues. — Sometimes it is necessary to create these ulcers
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disease connected with the change, little or no medical treat-
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effusions may be drunk freely, or a heaped teaspoonful of the powdered leaves,
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Department of Molecular & Department of Biochemistry & Department of Cellular Biology
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of nitrate, and affords a clear solution with Ammonia.
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Hamot can give you hands-on, quality experience in our clinically oriented
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Homoeopathic remedies are very active, when properly chosen, and
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twenty to thirty drops every hour or t\vo, taken in water.
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spirits. The febrile symptoms do not commonly last more than
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should be discarded now, and the girl should retire early, and
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clinical workshops give hands-on experience in suturing, intubation, ultrasound, and splinting. Through all
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Mais laissons là les témoignages de toutes sortes rassemblés par des
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29. Order, Perception and love of method — system — arrangement.
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load and an injunction on their souls that they extract
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prennait-on ses précautions, et avant de commencer le traitement d'une
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is followed, as we have already seen, by a shock to the cuta-
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grow too long, as they thereby are rendered more liable to
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has been my object, in particular, to trace the origin of
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Issued in bottles of oz. i (28-3,^'-w.) and oz. 4 (iij.o-w.)
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calcined magnesia, either alone or in a seidlitz powder. Let the
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Milk Sickness. — A disease chiefly confined to the West,
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fanta l'opinion afin d'examiner sa valeur. Je veux omettre ou bien seulement
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