This Guy Needs a Vacation


I’ve had it with everything

Anyone else out there had just about enough of everything and is ready to take off for a week or two or twelve?

After today, I am about ready to pack up everything I can fit in a suitcase and buy the next plane ticket to Hawaii and just live off the land. Fish for my own food and create my own shelter. I think I would be alright living as a hermit. I don’t need my phone buzzing and vibrating every 30 seconds. I could definitely go without my ex wife continuously calling me, needing whatever the hell she needs at that moment. And I most certainly can do away with my boss breathing down my neck every day waiting for the next memo that he is going to immediately critique and shoot down.

I’m tired of it all.

enough is enough

Being the old man that I am, I really think we have reached our peak with all of this technology. How much further are they going to push all of this? When I was a kid, a telephone was all you had.

We didn’t have this constant texting.

No Facebook.

No emails.

No voicemails.

Hell, we didn’t even have the internet (I know that must be a shocker to my younger audience).

Nowadays, everyone is a simple push of a button away from getting in contact with anyone you may desire. I feel like no one has any alone time anymore and there is just no escape. If my boss or ex wife needs something, all they have to do is pick up their phone, send a text, and that’s it. God forbid I don’t respond in under 30 seconds which just makes the matter worse. What happened to being independent???

The way everyone is absolutely glued to their phones these days, you really have no excuse for not answering a call or text. What if I am just not in the mood to talk to you right now?

That brings me to my next point. Every time I go out, I take a mental note of how many people are too busy staring blankly into their smart phone to even look up and acknowledge anyone around them. It really is getting scary out there and I don’t see it getting better anytime soon. Every day there seems to be some kind of new stupid gizmo or gadget that is supposed to make our lives “easier” but is just making us dumber and lazier. Can you believe apple just came out with their smart watch??? Yeah Apple you’re right, picking up my phone and going to my email was wayyyy too much work. Now that I just have to lift up my wrist I don’t have to waste anymore time putting in my phones password to get my email! THANKS APPLE!!!!!

I know I am probably coming off as a grumpy old cynical man that hates the world and yells at kids when they play on his lawn, but I am really not. I like to consider myself “concerned,” but not angry.

You all just wait… This technology will be the death of us all. Alright that sounded a little dramatic, but I am sticking with it.