Another Thing to Add to the List

Tree Pruning

I would like to take this time to give any of you younger readers out there a little advice…

Embrace every single second of not being an adult… I hate to be the one to tell you this but it is all downhill after your 20’s. Let alone your teens and even younger. You can run outside, play with friends, and not have a care in the world. No bills, no responsibilities….

And no trees crashing down into your front lawn, costing you thousands of dollars.

who can afford this?

Now granted, this is the first time I have ever had any kind of trouble with trees and have never needed a tree service of any kind. But why the hell does this have to happen to me right now?? I am getting a little ahead of myself, let me explain…

So 2 nights ago, we had a major thunderstorm in our town and it really came down hard all night. I actually can’t even remember the last time we had such a storm. So I wake up in the morning to no pounding thunder outside my window and am feeling good that I at least don’t have to walk out to my car in the pouring rain. This day was turning out all right. I carried on with my morning ritual,

Cold shower to wake my ass up and shave my face. Check.

3 cups of fresh brewed coffee from my Keureg. Check.

2 eggs over easy on top of 2 blueberry waffles, one with raspberry jelly and the other maple syrup (try it before you judge me). Check.

Brewed one last cup of coffee in my mug for the road. Check.

Move this 30 foot tree laying directly behind my car so I can get out of my driveway and go to work. No check.

It wasn’t quite this big but you get the idea. So I need to call my buddy to pick me up and drive me to work and try to carry on with my day. I definitely did not plan on spending the night after work on the internet looking for different tree service companies to clean up this mess. Seriously, this thing would have taken me months to get rid of by myself or with friends. I really don’t like calling and paying companies for outside work very often, I have learned a lot over my years and I can do pretty much any kind of home improvement work, but this was too much.

So after calling around I go with the cheapest quote that I got, a whopping $3,950.


I really did not need this right now. I will admit though, I was impressed with their work. They didn’t just tie the thing up and haul it away. Tree pruning has to be done to all of the outside branches and limbs before they can take it all away. It was pretty cool seeing them take it apart in such small precise pieces and watching it all be shredded into basically nothing. They were done in a couple hours and I am just glad that headache is over…

Stay tuned to hear about my next pleasant surprise!