Yup, It’s as Bad as I thought it Would Be

Pest Control

Well folks, as I am sure you can tell by the title on this one, my worst fears have been confirmed… I have termites. What have I done to deserve this? I’m a pretty simple man. I like to consider myself a good person. I really do mind my own business, don’t bother anyone, and pay my taxes like every other hard working citizen in this country. What am I failing to do to continue having these obstacles thrown in my way? It could always be worse though, right?

See what I did there? Maybe this little bit of meditation I have been trying out is helping out after all.

Someone please help me…

Anyone out there ever have to deal with termites? God knows I never have, but I have definitely heard some horror stories from others. Apparently these things can eventually spread throughout your whole house and just eat away your whole foundation… Great.

So not knowing exactly where to even begin, I did what everyone else does and went to the internet. I tried to make myself feel better and began my search by seeing exactly how bad this can really get and my heart immediately began to sink.

picture of severe ceiling damage from termites                   The Dangers of Termite Damage

You have got to be kidding me…

I then proceeded to immediately call the first exterminator that I found at http://www.thepestcontrolphx.com/ and had a guy come out immediately. So at this point I am still holding on to slightest glimmer of hope that this might just be something else and then Mr. Exterminator and I would share a laugh together and I could chalk this up to a humorous memory and carry on with my miserable life. Again, as I am sure you can imagine this was most certainly not the case and that this could be a real problem.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud to myself and my misfortune, but the humor in the situation quickly faded as the guy started telling me about what is going to happen next. So apparently there are essentially 2 effective ways that the professionals treat for termites. First way is it to use some kind of termite spray or foam or whatever the hell it is to seal off all the possible entry ways and fill the hole with it. Definitely the cheaper of the two methods but isn’t a 100% guarantee and the problem potentially could be back in just a few weeks or months.

Method number 2 involves a fumigation of my home… Estimated to cost approximately $1700.

So that adds up to almost SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of random damage to my house that I don’t exactly have just laying around everywhere. I am trying so hard to maintain my cool right now but this one is bad.

Have any of you ever had to deal with termites before? Any success stories without having to hire an exterminator? From the little research I have done online, it sounds like this is just too much of a risk to not have taken care of by a professional and the right way. The thought of little bugs hiding in my house slowly eating away at it right now is making me sick. Where the hell do termites even come from? Why am I the only person on my block that seems to have these little spawns of Satan eating away at their very home?