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each half an ounce; water, three pints — boil twenty minutes, strain whilst hot

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geduldeten Jesuiten, Kunst und Wissenschaft einigermassen zu heben. Auch

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Herbal, or Eclectic Treatment for Me7istrual Disorders. — The

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as hallowed ground. In Cormac's Glossary it is said

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Cheledonium Maj., 3 x, pain in right shoulder and side.

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from the formation of an abscess, by the symptoms above des-

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Co'-ma, Com'-a-tose. Lethargy; disposed to sleep; stupor.

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O, W. Ä. Kahlbaum. Justus von Liebigs Geburtstag. Chemikerzeitung, 1902, 39.

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Vaccination. — In the minds of many persons there is a

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sloughing and suppuration, the ball remains fixed, and if much

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while it is hot. Dry toast is not always good for invalids, especially

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there is a deficiency of red globules, or coloring matter in the

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Eclectic, or Herbal Treatment for Palsy. — If the patient be

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encore connue chez d'autres races; mais on en a observé des cas chez

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Ils n'admettaient pas comme le prétendaient certains philosophes que

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to a nerve. The wound should be opened, and if the nerve can be

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bringen das er Ehelich geboren vnnd seine 4 Lehijar erbarlich aussgedienet

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Scarlet Fever commences with extreme general indisposition,

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accipe semen centrumgalli et dimitte parum, postea aufferas cum quasi pannum.

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fortune to be visited with this affection, must resolutely deter-

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' Enule ' Brand Rectal Suppositories must be kept in a cool and

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3 Nux Vom. — Piles, lame back, constipation, spasms.

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the temporal artery, and strong mercurial purgatives adminis-

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portant subject, and let no mother relax for a single moment

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litre and the beneficial effects lasted for an hour. There seems no reason to

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an attendant symptom, opiates are to be given. In all cases,

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about a dram of each to a quart of water. Apply hot bran-

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the amount of injury ; at least, so far as this can be done

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dages. If acute and caused by a cold, Aeon., 3 x, will be the remedy.

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is sometimes made with a blister or caustic, and the pea is

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avoid using them as much as possible. Food will be swallowed without

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12. Put a label with the word Poison on all bottles and

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full charge. Anaesthetics often have to be given and the child delivered

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except it be by such powerful medicines as will do great mis-

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arated as much as possible, and hung upon tlie walls and furni-

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négliger le coté pécuniaire et rémunérateur de son art. Bienvenu ne manque

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Grate a little stale bread, pour on boiling water imtil it becomes a

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are exposure to cold, especially after violent exercise, blows on

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required in the secondary stage of the fever; and, if it assumes

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hour. It is used in fevers and eruptive diseases and does not require

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skin, which comes away in scales from tho face and body, and in

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le tapis; les savants s'épuisent, tandis que son origine se voit toujours

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Solche Stuckh sol einer in eines Viermaisters oder so es aida die

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proper means, often prevent those complications which render

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ness, hurried respiration, a furred tongue, and a stoppage of the

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the usual method is to give it in a powder combined with the

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not show themselves at once, but whether or no, bad conse-

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drops of elixir of vitriol, in a wineglassful of infusion of gen-

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always fancy themselves on the verge of danger, and are fearful

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mérite la lecture, synthèse de la foi de l'auteur qui, pour cela, fit assez

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nearly boiled enough, add a dessertspoonful of beef suet, already

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