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although in cruder forms, anticipated by the antient

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But there are other observances, also, which ought to be

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nally io\ freckles, bruises and sprains. The whole plant is used in a lo-

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fluences, and a cliill taken at such a time may cause the most

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Gout. (182) — The leading remedy is Colchicum, i x, five drops

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the drinking-saloon, out of the ])ocket of the young man who has

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In all instances of an inflammatory character, however, attended

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existence, whatever it might have been in the times of Biblical

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of new flannel, moistened with the hartshorn and oil.

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tends to twelve or fifteen minutes — the period which a child

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although they all contribute to swell the chapter of accidents

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whites, care must be taken not to arrest the discharge too soon,

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It is a source of great satisfaction to know what the doctor has pre-

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a fracture like this. When the coronoid process is broken, the

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et qui peuvent être comparées à celles que nous obser\'ons aujourd'hui.

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the hke, both as food and medicine. Get the box prunes, as they will

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que tant de médecins afEectent systématiquement de considérer comme l'unique

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for hemorrhages of all kinds. Dose, ten to thirty grains.

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mon during childhood. If caused by worms, or intestinal irritation,

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Aconite {Monkshood). Chiefly affects the circulatory system.

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Il faut se méfier et souvent ne prendre Tinstrument quel le prix étant

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When the burn is deep, after the flour has been on for

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instrument comme s'ils l'avaient enlevée de l'oeil lui-même"* 3)

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severer forms of the disease recourse must be had to bleeding,

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Issued in bottles off. oz. 4 (114 e.e.),f. oz. 8 (227 e.e.)

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which falls off about the tenth day, leaving the skin red and

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Dass der letztere Ali hen Isa hiess, nicht Isa ben Ali, folgt zunächst aus

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be, the ovum from the womb. To effect the latter object, me-

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back of the neck, loins, lower limbs, or throughout the body.

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tell us, that in Lapland this phase of woman's physical life oc-

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so frequent between two young lovers before they become united

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blest ends, they must gain their confidence and aff'ection by

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paired vision, drowsiness, and partial stupor, with, frequently,

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to combat the maladies prevalent in every clime, from

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desire for eating chalk, charcoal, or clay, is manifested, we are

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complaint assumes a more severe form, medical advice should

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nouvelles à propos des traités médicaux sanscrits, antérieurs au XIIIo

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Bände enthalten die Nosologie (Tsa-ching), acht Pharmacologie (Lug-fang),

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Not Pictured: Carrie Sue Cannon, M.D., and Joseph Selby, M.D.

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in a fond and welcome embrace. In this way they can, if they

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Hypochondria. (191) (See Hysteria.) — Nux Vom., 3 x, the

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children, and when the seat of this injury is the chest or abdo-

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body rolling Avlien the carriage is put in motion. After the

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imbecility is very rarely curable. While insanity may arise

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