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lowed by a sense of weight in tlie chest, wliicli in a few hours

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was temporarily increased, but no further attack followed. 3.- The third form

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of its appearance, when the central depression disappears, sup-

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que les poux de tét«: d'une sorte spéciale se trouvent seulement chez une

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love. Censure it as you may — call it mean and petty, if you

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peritonitis, amenorrhcea, and similar affections. A bad cold is

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colicky pains in and swelling of the belly associated with some

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with lead ointment, where there is superficial ulceration with-

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dans sa „Vie d'Hagcnbut" et que Daremberg a regardé comme la „Vul-

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are to be freely evacuated with rhubarb or castor-oil, and very

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„raison de ne pas entreprendre les maladies qui ne peuvent être guéries;

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quarts, boil down to three pints — strain. Pour it on to diuretic powder, half

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with or without brown sugar; indeed, this is the most generally

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peutic principles of Ergot, can be obtained in a state of

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qui lui même aura toutes les apparences de la santé. Il sera toujours très

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This earthly life, to them, has been a failure. It has not an-

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the eyes are prominent, and the surface of the body warm and

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negative, ein zurückgetretenes asthenisches Fieber. Sämmtliche fieberhafte

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should be removed by a weak lye, made from hard-wood ashes


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ject tliat hii,s inspired it, and leaves her to mourn in the silence

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of the mucous membrane, and sometimes assumes a malignant

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quarts, boil down to three pints — strain. Pour it on to diuretic powder, half

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dandelion root, sarsaparilla, and winter green, of each two ounces; blue cohosh,

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cases it is the brain which is the seat of disorder ; and if this is

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dispelling the uncertainty with which practitioners

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„livres" ne sont pas d'Hippocrate, mais cependant ils sont de son école,

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grees, for twenty minutes. Take, every other night, five grains

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such terrific affections as these. Not a moment should be lost

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hydrate, given internally in those conditions in which

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Amy Rivere (Social Co-Chairman), Laura Rush (Community

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bum ; flatulent colic ; atrophy, emaciation, particularly in children ; the

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" After a time," continues the legend, " there grew

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has the application of cold, such as ice-water, or even lumps of

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tsaon-Kung-mou in 52 Büchern, niedergeschrieben von Li-shi-chin, Der

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laudanum and laid along it, Avill sometimes give relief; so will

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Mh. written m 1443, partly m Latm and partly cHickeys

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In treatment, one will require soothing, the other tonic and

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ärztliche Vorschriften sind darin enthalten. Vorstehendes Werk erschien

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languor, acid and flatulent eructations, loose and griping stools,

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Copper. — (blue copperas, blue verditer, mineral green, ver-

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tasse, hanc ab causam morbum Neapolitanura vocaverunt . . .

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color, one or two grains of podophyllin may be given every

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Also various other products issued under the ''Elixoid^ Brand

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mediate extraction of the ofi"ending substance, the abscess

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ounces of alcohol (90 per cent.) makes a preparation

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hommes introduisirent le mal directement dans ce pays, et bien à Naples,

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