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epidemic, attacking many persons at once. It comes on quite
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abscess are observed, recourse should at once be had to reme-
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chests supplied by this firm is in tooled leather, designed by
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sequently, the same strength of current does not produce the
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astringent properties. It is physiologically ^g^'^^'y
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until the sAvelling and pain subside: then, with the hand Avell
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and red sumac root, each 4 ounces ; sarsaparilla root, 10 ounces ; sulphate
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lent pain across the chest, which extends down the arms, and
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4307 MacCorkle Ave, S.E. (P.O. Box 4106), Charleston, WV 25364
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This is a nourishing drink toward the close of fever and during conva-
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A writer of great judgment and experience on this subject,
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The Diseases Peculiar to Women. (266) — Many of the dis-
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'Kepler' Malt Extract and Combinations— coniituted
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tic must sometimes be made when the throat has a granulated
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food. In the commencement, lie sliouM refrain entirely from
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Sulphur, cc, useful where any of the other remedies seem to be in-
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out; this may happen more than once. The patient should be
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to cure the disease, but it is indispensable that the patient
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nal nerves. Gastric and bilious affections ; vomiting and nausea, from
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given will agree with the stomach. In such cases, farinaceous
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soothing nourishment, and local applications, are all that can be
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Aconite, i x, quick, wiry pulse ; dry, hot skin, and very restless. Arseni-
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crystals than that usually supplied, but is identical in
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purgative; a blister outside the tliroat, and warm bran or lin-
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antly upon the bowels, as in cases of diarrhoea, dysentery and in summer
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is, in general, better adapted to the constitutional temperament
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A thin, strained gruel of the best prepared barley, with a little milk
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twice daily for a week, will bring the case under control.
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because of the almost indelible and fatal impress that is left
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for vaccination. The operation is usually performed by mak-
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only thing which it is Avilling to take, — and this is often either
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tempers, or humors, during pregnancy, or while the child yet
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boiling water, a pint and a quarter ; infuse, covered, for two hours. A wine-