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as one-half of a grain and more has been found contained in each fluid ounce
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denen, so das Verganngene lar Viermaister gewest, bleib, an desanndren
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Enlargement of the Uvala. (154) which is relaxed, Hyosca-
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tion, that a persistent use of stimulants of any description tends
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dissolve 1 dram of common salt in ^ a pint of water; with chil-
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means the convulsions can be subdued, and the delivery, if it
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a en Italie pénurie de chirurgiens et d'oculistes:
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Exantheme, Parasiten u. s, w,) fast, docli nicht ganz aasscbliesslicb in den
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teaspoonful of wliich may be taken in a cupful of tea or a little
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Naturheilkunde heute in ihrem gesunden \'oiksiustinkte verfolgt, als ihre
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Aperients move the bowels gently, as dandelion root, etc.
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Standpunkt des Chemikers, des Chirurgen oder gar des „Naturarztes".
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indicium difficile^ oporiet auiem non solum se ipsum exhihere quae
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deeply wounded, this may be applied. Should there be a
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Pour boiling water on a small piece of light white bread, cover and
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ent medicines altogether. For treatment of the diseases to
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following chemical process with cold water may sometimes be
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Buch geschrieben, dessen deutsche üebersetzung betitelt ist :
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months of their lives. The nursery ought always to be of ample
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But while inculcating these salutary lessons, there must be no
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which it will not be if flat splints are applied. In this case,
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the destruction and pulverization of the scab, and thus increases
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distinction entre les artères et les veines, entre les nerfs et les tendons.
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other fatty substances are recommended, but simple oil is best,
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Victorinus de rethorica^ Demosthenes ophtalmicus, 2)
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an approaching fit of apoplexy; then follows indistinct articula-
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a woman at the wash-tub three days after she had been con-
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most important preventive means against this loathsome dis-
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almost sure to result, one day or other, in the most fearful de-
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smooth piece of wood, or of gutta percha, on the under, and
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cing the temperature of acute diseases when dangerously high. Some
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hoping to enlist their sympathies and attention regarding a
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and cayenne, of each one dram; syrup of rhubarb, Q. S. — mix 195 pills. These
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How to Bandage. — There is not a more important art
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in the particular relation now alluded to, leads quickly to
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there are chills and flashes of heat, great oppression about the
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15 Pulsatilla, Merc. — Mealancholy, rheumatism of joints.
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another attack of the same kind occurs, and again soon subsides ;
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,, Bone Medulla, gr. 5, bottles of 100 ... i or more
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One fluid ounce of this product, added to four fluid
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violence to the sex, or of treading ruthlessly beneath his feet
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ounce; solution of morphine, 3 drams; camphor mixture, 6
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Nux Vom., I X, from anxiety; overworked nervous systems and
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üromanten, Harngucker und Charlatanc, wozu der im XVIII. Jahrhundert
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secrete any. The real source of mischief is in the nervous
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drinks of catnip, sage, saffron, or snake-root tea. Where the
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L'Académie Royale de l'Histoire a fait publit^r cette oeuvre confirment en
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hatte er als Feldchirurg an venetianischen, niederländischen und dänischen
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