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abondante pourra déterminer à la longue une maladie en viciant les
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Pipsissewa {Clmnaphila Umbellata) Wintergreen, Prince's
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tongue and teeth ; delirium ; headache ; nose bleed ; debility and pros-
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and as we minister to both daily, so shall our reward be.
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Various other products a^-e also issued tinder this brand
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Vomiting. (260) — Ipecac, i x, nausea and vomiting; yellow
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poison their his attendants, to poison the wounds of the
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run. Delicate women especially do wrong to attempt it, and
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of King Conal. It is said to have lasted for three years,
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Mat-u-ra'-tion. The formation of pus or matter in any part of the
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more subject than another. Anxiety of mind will sometimes
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the powers of life at length succumb, and the patient sinks into
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Employment of Nurses.— Mothers are not always in a
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there may be bleeding from the nose and passing diarrhoea.
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Prof., Tokyo; Dr. U. Robert, Prof., Rostock; Dr. Max Neuburuer, Prof., Vienne; Dr. A.
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Incipient Acute Dysentery. — Mix one tablespoonful of castor-oil thor-
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Ars longa. Wir haben gelernt von Adams Zeiten bis auf die Stund
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grains, ounces, pounds, etc., to be taken; thus, mix denotes 60
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ease is called sun-heat, Avhich is an eruption of a white or brown-
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Bell., 3 X, acute redness of the conjunctiva or white of the eye.
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sion. Low diet, purging medicine, and quiet, are great as-
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from picked drugs by a special process which retains the full
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most cargful manner after birth. This should be done with
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Gnilemeta JuUiane, uxore Paquerii Auvray, servientis Eegii, habitatoris
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A similar system to that which prevailed in Ireland
liniments should bo applied; as also in palsy of the hands,
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render the system less susceptible of the contagion. If a solu-
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de lui un traité intitulé : Congregaiio sive liber de ocuiis quem cotnpilavit
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Hang-Dynastie (25 — 221 nach Chr.) diente dies Werk als Grundlage fur
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Pre-scrip'-tion. The formula for the preparation of medicines.
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of bread and milk, or hops and flaxseed, continually applied
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and with those of average health it occasions little or no dis=
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itching and excoriation ; affections during pregnancy.
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giving two or three doses of this powder daily, the diarrhcea
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valuable in the typhoid condition, when there is bloating of the abdomen
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Landarzt, führen heutzutage die „Stärkung des Körpers durch recht kräftige
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tung nicht entspricht, so bieten sie dem Volke Steine statt Brot, und werden
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aux événements en Amérique et durant le voyage du navigateur. Ces
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For their contributions to the 1991 Pylon, in addition to the Pylon staff, we want to acknowledge the
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,, Manganese and Iron Citrate with Arsenic (Soluble)
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ture, and the aid from surgery comparatively less than in or-
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out sufficient clothing, particularly about the abdomen; — these
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disease is not checked, we get great local irritation and consti-
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mean time the whole system feels the influence of the topical
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Horehound (Marrubiufn Vulgare). A stimulant, expectorant and
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So ist denn der Organismus unserer Journalistik um ein wirklich nützliches Glied in dem
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who have profited by the advice and example of judicious par-
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put on salt pork, and give Merc. Protoidc, 3 x, internally. When from
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pens near the neck, and is very likely to be confounded with
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In this relation the quick wit and keen eye oi' the sober
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susceptible, have their courses at a much earlier period than
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Take a pint of sweet milk and add a tablespoonful of powdered
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leased from her chrysalis state, with sentiments and responsi-
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powder of ipecacuanha and camphor, three or four grains of
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Exercise. — It is of great importance to allow the infant
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tingling or pricking. There is more or less general irritation,
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lichen Bearbeitung oder zum mündlichen Vortrage gegeben wird. Die am
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appetite and improves the digestion. Highly recommended for piles,
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in apoplectic or congestive cases. If, in such cases, the cord
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sive sublimate to four ounces of lime water), diluted nitric acid,
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keeping them clean without suddenly drying them up. If they
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