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Bayberry {Myrica Cirifera) Wax Myrtle. See illustration.

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ally be removed by being held firmly with a pair of forceps,

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Oph-thal'-mi-a (of-thal'-mi-a). Inflammation of the eyes.

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ter among children of the same parents. The idea merits

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Barcelone 1888. Cependant je me suis redit et à l'heure qu'il est mon

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Pharmacopoeia (Eighth Revision), from carefully selected

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doses of 005 gm. , injected daily for five to seven days, will be of

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medicine, begins : " A preservation for the dead, the

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he was obliged to refund his fees, and these were to be

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elder-flower water, should be injected, but not with any force.

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Issued in bottles off. ^s. 4 (114 c.r. ),_//. oz. 8 (227 c.c.)

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v gleich u oder w, und umgekehrt u gleich v zu lesen ist; sonstige

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experienced physician should be summoned, and the case given to his

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the life or death of the patient will depend on how you employ

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should be more and more prolonged. When the child is gradu-

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Symptoms. — It is characterized by a sudden and most vio-

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from frequent contact with such people ; and for a husband

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Nausea- — A sensation of sickness, with an inclination to

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syrup of wild cherry and camphor-water, each one oz. JNIix. Dose, a tea-

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to injure the delicate organization of infants; therefore running

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Il le répète à propos de l'ophtalmie „^// laquelle plusieurs fols meges

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dergone a change, and, instead of a striped, to present a homo-

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'■ We now approach £ part of our subject waich we v/ould

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assiduously by both mother and daughter in the person of any

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wife at such periods, the babe, whether born or unborn, carries

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Dose— As an expectorant, gr. 1/200 to gr. 1/50 (00003 gm. to

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cation does not take effect, it should be repeated every two

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transivit in Montempessulanum secreto ad medicos si posset curari: qui tamen co tempore

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tions of liquid aliment should be used. When solid animal food

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these pure and reliable preparations, this brand should always be

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Barcelone par des Peaux-rouges des deux sexes qui y seraient arrivés atteints

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with others it is more continuous and serious, sometimes causing

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Ne'-gus. A liquor made of wine, water, sugar, nutmeg, and lemon

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Issued in bottles off. oz. 4 (i 14 c.c.),f. oz. 8 (227 c.c.)

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and when the abscess opens or the slough is thrown off", they

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originaire de l'Amérique d'où il se répandit dans le monde entier ; que ce fut

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leave the children hy themselves, on account of their well-knoAvn

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has also been used successfuly in cases of delirium tremens.

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Issued in bottles of oz. I {2.%-igiii.) and oz. 4 (113,^///.)

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toms above mentioned set in, is, if possible, to prevent abortion.

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Treatment. — Place the patient on a low seat, cover the two

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yellow or narrow dock-root and slippery elm. After a few days,

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perspiration is produced. Then retire to a warm bed, and take

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Agrimony {Agrimonia Eupatoria). Possesses mild, astringent,

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St. Brecan was the son of Findloga, and a disciple of

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of iron, five and a half drams ; quinine suljihate, one drain ; glycerine,

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then be taken, care being used that cold be not taken. Take

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watery stools, nor create wind in the bowels, rarely disagrees with the

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warm baths, and blisters applied from one ear to the other.

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makes a serious case out of an otherwise simple one. Much can be

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dressings may be sui3stituted. The breast, during all this time,

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stopped by the application of a solution of nitrate of silver to

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c'est surtout entre les mains des femmes, ajoute Brunus, que sont ces

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bags. A band of stout cotton or flannel, from eight to ten

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moving about and better at rest, but if better moving about and worse

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Indigènes est plus grande que celle, qui est usée par les Européens dans

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used in cases of habitual constipation. Prepare in form of a decoction.