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Se trouver en Amérique; ce furent, comme on sait, les auteurs médecins

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Few women who are near their confinement, are sufficiently

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gullet of each of them, and every one of them was as

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récentes, Chronique des faits et événements de ces jours inoubliables et

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Cependant à Avignon la situation des juifs est loin d'être malheureuse:

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and various forms of dissipation ; gastric derangement during pregnancy,

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anima nostra desiderabat, invenimus in palatio Emmanuclis 1) imperatoris,

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age, although we have known them to begin as early as eleven

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sujets introduisant la maladie „ex coitu cum impura muliere".

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in a degree. The head of the bone lies lower down, and is less

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off with a turn or two round the leg above the ankle.

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(Comp. Care Rep), Matt Fields (Executive Council Rep),

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each two ounces; cloves, one ounce — all to be finely powdered, sifted, and mixed-

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O'Dunleavies, who died in 1395, 1527, 1567 and 1586,

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tion renders its digestion easy and its assimilation

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that her dependence upon man, and her claims to his love and

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is to put a tablespoonful of strained orange juice in a wineglass,

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continue, and the body is hot, cloths dipped in cold water and

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.standardised to contain 0-5 gm. of pilocarpine in 100 c.c.

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' Tabloid ' Medical Equipment Chests and Cases provide com-

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Ursachen Insonnders zu yedem hanndtwerch ein Person von Raths wegen

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forming water ammonia (aqua ammonia). A powerful diffusible stim-

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Prompt Cathartic. — ]Mix a tablespoonful each, of castor oil and molasses,

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ates slowly but surely and in moderate doses without violence. Admir-

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with a snap. Both bones may be forced forwards — when this

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worms, which will remove them, but as they multiply from eggs

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saline cathartics. Dose, from one to two ounces. Often used in acute

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Item wann ein frembder Maister herkhombt vnnd will hie maister

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applied to the fleshy protuberance common to women, in which

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occasionally allowed ; but it is particularly important to guard

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pints, and while the liquor is still hot, dissolve in it two pounds

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soft piece of flannel, its mouth and nose being left uncovered,

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ounces. Dose: take half a wine-glassful every two hours, till relief is got.

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time of cessation, or " change of life," as it is commonly called,

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from its resemblance to that figure. Fig. 102 will make the ex-

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may also be taken; or a teaspoonful of sal volatile or ether in

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Serum Syringe, The B. W. & Co. All=QIass Aseptic

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owTi door and fireside, so that he may not be necessitated to

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as well as the interests of millions yet unborn. To parents

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Inflammation of the Stomach. (195) (Gastritis.) — Arseni-

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old : Chloral hydrate, thirty grains ; syrup of ipecac, half an

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of chloromated soda and water, so weak as not to produce much

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superiority is but simply the result of greater physical strength,

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responsibilities, and a determination, under heaven, to perform

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linge jusqu'à la pointe en laissant libre la longueur de l'ongle du pouce,

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wasli of tincture of myrrh and water, in the proportion of two

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tellect, give a teaspoonful of sal volatile in a glass of water, and

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pint of water and boil it five minutes. This is good for checking ob-

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