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voyage, arriva à Palos le 23 mars 1493 et à Seville dimanche le 31 de

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of which the yet unborn babe is subjected to influences the

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,, Pyro-Metol Developer ( Imperial Standard P^onntila)

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ger. It is also dangeroua to stand near leaden spouts, iron

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quick, wiry pulse ; restlessness. Turpentine, 1 x, high colored urine,

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' Tabloid ' Pastilles ensure the gradual and prolonged applica-

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peoples of the earth, interesting biographies, incidents of travel,

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ened, every three hours, for all coughs, consumption, etc. 2. Elecampane,

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West Virginia University. In 1976 he joined the WVU Depart-

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remarkable signs, and prominent in full maturity, than in others.

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powerful stimulant to the cerebro-spinal system in this depress-

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an honest, reasonable, and useful basis, — which, after all, is the

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apartment. In the latter stages of the disease, tonics are gene-

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diarrhoea. The skin is dry, parched and hot; the tongue fouled,

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monly so long. Tenderness and swelling of the part sometimes

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sulphurous acid (1 part to 8 of water). The general health

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Pa-pil'-la. A red, elevated point upon the tongue or elsewhere.

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Co'-ma, Com'-a-tose. Lethargy; disposed to sleep; stupor.

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time, and should the pallor, languor, sleeplessness, headache,

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officine aux douceurs de la consultation: témoin Tanecdote suivante que

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spread, until they pervade the whole of the body, making the

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Tractatus I. De occasionibus propter qnas Alcoatin compilavit hune librum

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could cure the wounded man, he gave security for his

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Ep-i-glot'-tis. A leaf-shaped cartilage, whose use is to prevent food

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Useful in inflammatory fever, fever heat, with dry skin, and restlessness.

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and then envelops it. She next turns it toward the chest of the

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Rhus Tox, 3 X, burning pain, with vesicles filled with serum.

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Chilblains. (116) — Agaricus Muse, 3 x, will cure chilblains in

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we have to suggest, as having found them pretty generally suc-

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much disturb the general outline of the arm ; it may be broken

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whites, and excessive menstruations. III. Comfrey root, two ounces; elecam-

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les coutumes etc. en un mot les conditions hygiéniques. Les particularités

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cins certains meurent ils Cela tient plus souvent à l'indocilité du malade

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observation and an ordinarily well-trained mind. Cruel and

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Phlegm (flem). A stringy mucus of the respiratory and digestive

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parties. La première est la commémoration faite par le général Givogre

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seine häufig unverständliche Naturphilosophie empfinde, bleibt Paracelsus

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offensive, use Carbolic. Acid enough to scent the water, and give Krea-

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Take an ounce of flaxseed and a little pounded licorice root and

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equipped chests containing supplies sufficient for medical officers

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through families, villages, or towns; and is also produced by

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ing which need the greatest care of a skillful physician.

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patient should be kept perfectly quiet, and on low diet, for a

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Erysipelas. — Infants are liable to a peculiar erysipelatous

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support this yearbook could not have been possible.

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knowledge of some useful employment on the part of the young

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thirdly, the true syphilitic or Hunterian chancre. The com-

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readily soluble in water. The Bismuth and Iron Citrates

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fact that scarcely a newspaper is published without some pain-

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