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blood root, half an ounce — powder and mix. Dose: a pinch to be taken occa
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four days may intervene between stools without the child re-
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Dissection and anatomical illustration in the Renais-
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to combat the maladies prevalent in every clime, from
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Hypochondria. (191) (See Hysteria.) — Nux Vom., 3 x, the
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body rolling Avlien the carriage is put in motion. After the
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imbecility is very rarely curable. While insanity may arise
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jalap, 2 drams; powdered cream of tartar, 4 drams; magnesia,
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Quinsy. — An inflammation of the throat, principally occu-
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und Naturerkenntnias im Altertum", welches im Herbst erscheint, wird Verf.
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of aloes, and two drams of muriated tincture of iron, well
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Camphor {Camphora Officinoruni). The camphor tree is found
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risme. Dies trifft für solche Schriften aus der klassischen Zeit der Araber, wie
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sons about to proceed to sea should put their stomach and bow-
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White wax, 30 parts ; pai-affine, 15 parts; oil of sweet almonds, 60 parts ;
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usually harmless ; and except from their situation and unsight-
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Ayant été ensuite envoyé en service à Cayey, il poursuivit ses recherches
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Ring-'Worm. (230) (Herpes Circinatis.) — Sepia, 30, one dose
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c'est Abi-Abor, rabin de Lérida, qui l'opère, le 12 septembre de cette
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tender ear and understanding with what is most pernicious,
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ter, hectic lever at last arises, and consumption comes to end
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system is greatly reduced, the skin is sometimes studded with
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für den Krank he itsproz ess würde als entdeckt zu betrachten sein, falls man
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time. The patient should be kept under the influence of the
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wesentlichen Teile auch des Blutes, welches unser Hirn ernährt. Sorgen wir
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of Avhich some avooI has been rolled up, to make it of consider-
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Tersibus et soluta oratione: nempe de medicina et grammatica videlicet de
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Summer Complaint. (322) (Cholera Infantum.) — (See Diar-
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As we have already descanted somewhat diffusely upon the
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Dr, Bachmann sagt hierüber in seiner Schrift folgendes :
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be restricted to the use of the milk and water mixture already
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10. The sick room should be kept well ventilated, with
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das Recht auf den Namen „Moderner Celsus" vindizirt hat.
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upon the irritation caused by foreign bodies acting upon those
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The surface of the patches is rough, irregular, shaggy, covered
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administration. Take a teaspoonful every half hour.
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succession, each secures the other. The end of the strip passes
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appetite, colic, jaundice, and general debility. Dose: a teaspoonful of the
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avec nausées, vomissements, hémorrhagies nasales. Dans les cas opportuns,
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these pure and reUable preparations, this brand should always be
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spoonful of lobelia powder, the same quantity of powder of
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Lan'-guor (lang'-gwur) . Feebleness, weakness, lassitude of body.
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se compose de généralités sur le régime et l'hygiène générale du corps.
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Ausdauer in einmal begonnem Unternehmen, unübertroffene durch lange
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souvent du docteur Fuller; nous ne pensons pas que Fuller fut reçu docteur
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proaches the term of its regular completion. During the eighth
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goat's milk, but has the advantage of being more astringent. A
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pear, and thereby aggravate the symptoms of fever, the follow-
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— Burning pain in the throat, heartburn, vomiting, very likely
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ies on the structure of the eye. His writings were the
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in a proper manner. The nurse takes a soft piece of linen,
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the latter to look well to their manhood and the perfection of
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of food is especially proper in her case. As the appetite is
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like a footstalk. When in the nose it interferes with the
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these attacks would do well to provide themselves with the fol-
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ous, that she, above all, can influence their conduct and habits
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retarding them — summer being, of course, the most favorable