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ventilated chamber. After the child is three or four days old,
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the tincture, if these cannot be procured. When the fever is
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rash of scarlet fever is smooth to the touch, spreads over the
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fuerit pro utilitate operutionis . . . neque debet inhoneste loqui cum eis, nee revolvere uculos
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use the following: Sumac berries, 1 ounce; white oak bark, 1
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ounces; when cold, bottle, and add best brandy, or rectified spirit of wine, four
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The following comprise a choice collection of special pre-
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Nahrung" als drittes Wort auf der Zunge ; von Ünmässigkeit im Essen ist
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51 Opium, Alum. — Paralysis, coHc, dysentery, sterility.
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Causes. — The cause may be a cold, or over-heating the
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Fresh eggs for invalids who like them cooked soft, should be put in
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cough ; diarrhoea, etc., one of the best remedies in this disease.
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Bayberry {Myrica Cirifera) Wax Myrtle. See illustration.
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Oph-thal'-mi-a (of-thal'-mi-a). Inflammation of the eyes.
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doses of 005 gm. , injected daily for five to seven days, will be of
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he was obliged to refund his fees, and these were to be
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just sufficient hot water to Ibrm a mass; and add grated cam-
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What is wanted is a "clinical self registering thermometer," they
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obtinere. Ecce vobis intendo ponere aliquas medicinas excellentissimas quas si
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Masters," the first battle of Magh Tureadh, or Moytura,
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Hypochondria. (191) (See Hysteria.) — Nux Vom., 3 x, the
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Am-pu-ta'-tion. The operation of cutting off a limb or other part of
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Ehelichen Hausfrauen Ehelichen geburt guett geruchs vnnd Leimueths,
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mal et ont influencé beaucoup Topinion universelle sur l'âge de la syphilis
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My sweet Luke - thank you for your love and support
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Compact outfits of bandages and first-aid accessories, etc.,
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Ein anderes Mal lässt sich Paracelsus über denselben Spruch des
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With regard to the more malignu,nt form, but little is to
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leave the children hy themselves, on account of their well-knoAvn
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has also been used successfuly in cases of delirium tremens.
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the different races of men, Edinburgh, p. 186; Piageiy Les p<^dicule8, pag. 622; Bomiet;
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must press and guide the gut back through the aperture, if
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yellow or narrow dock-root and slippery elm. After a few days,
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ant as possible and to administer them at such times, and with
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St. Brecan was the son of Findloga, and a disciple of
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américaine de la syphilis. Ses travaux furent publiés trois fois.
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vinegar on sugar will generally control it. Mochus, 3 x, is the homoeo-
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Le cancer est observé chez les deux races et, quoique au Sénégal
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