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and rapid, and having no intermission; it goes on increasing
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because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other
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affected hairs are apt to turn reddish or ashy-gray; they seem
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Stundt zu erscheinen die Leuch vnndter des hanndtwerchs Tuech gegen
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Les points essentiels dans mes travaux que je présente aux lecteurs de
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One fluid ounce of this product added to nine fluid
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The following instructions for controlling small-pox conta-
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spot ; in twenty-four hours cut the silk, and carefully draw out
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water sufficient to make four ounces. Mix and give one tea-
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a disclination for wholesome food altogether. If the case is
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peculiarity in the state of the health to render this unadvisable.
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edges being brought together by adhesive plaster. The splints,
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so much on this head, however, it is not to be supposed that
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Ep-i-glot'-tis. A leaf-shaped cartilage, whose use is to prevent food
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With a spoon press down the child's tongue, and note if
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Rhus Tox, 3 X, burning pain, with vesicles filled with serum.
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gentle, even pressure, there. If there is bright red blood com-
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much disturb the general outline of the arm ; it may be broken
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is claimed for them, and has deterred many from seeking relief
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expertus in oculis, L*oculiste juif a longtemps joui cFune grande renommée:
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tomber à la charge de leurs confrères et anciens élevés, qui étaient tenus
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Rhus Tox., 3 X, pain is better from warmth and worse during
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equipped chests containing supplies sufficient for medical officers
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der Mythologie anderer asiatischen Völker gewahr werden; in den alten
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ing the soles of the feet, walking him about, or dashing cold
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Erysipelas. — Infants are liable to a peculiar erysipelatous
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into the stomach, send for a physician in haste, next, excite
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Issued in tubes of gr. 2 (o-i3^w.) and gr. 5 (0-3^;//.)
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fact that scarcely a newspaper is published without some pain-
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autoritate ex suptadictis fecit unguentum, 4) Les doses étaient trop fortes,
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ured bandage 343. This must be tight enough to prevent any
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der andere dort, so sterben wir zweimal, ehe wir nur auf den halben
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dem J. 1674. Klin. Monatsbl. f. Augenheilk., Bd. 40, 1902.
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l'art. Nulle part dans ces écrits, on ne découvre le moindre désir de
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2. Iodide of potassium, two drams ; decoction of senega, five oz. ; tinct-
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" The usual shape of rectal suppositories is that of a cone with a rounded
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Au formulaire et seulement dans le manuscrit de Florence, nous trouvons
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the remedies employed in treating diseases of the nose and
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fortnight at least, assuming the position which is found most
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Measles. (332) — Usually a very mild disease; particularly so
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lant and nutritious food, with tonics such as iron and quinine,
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existence. Notwithstanding that we may moralize upon the
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spirits and water. Or, bathe the part in warm water, and
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Also various other Sera issued under the ' Wellcome ' Brand
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paroxisms of suffocation as in asthma, with feeling of constriction and
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Avhich is always draAvrfdoAvn and inverted, the parts sometimes
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grees become dispersed over every part of the body. As the
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the medical equipment which was supplied to the Antarctic
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until the introduction of ' Tabloid ' Medical Equipments.
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in casein, butter and phosphates, than human milk, but poorer in sugar ;
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Sprains or Strains are injuries done to ligaments, ten-
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