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weiter entwickelt worden warcrit bîldt^n die Kinleitimg äu dem eigentliidien
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an ounce; bruise roots and berries — boil in two quarts of water down to three
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the eruptive fever has subsided, take acidulated drinks. Smear-
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fore the proper milk is secreted, and, in nine cases out of ten,
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should be spare diet; if scrofulous and weakly, good nourishing-
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donnent pour chirurgiens afin d'avoir de quoi vivre et de couvrir sous le
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powdered, one ounce; skullcap and burdock seeds, powdered, of each four
and insist upon it that he fully understands your case. He can only be
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ness, — deprive it of these, and it is valueless. Those who live
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dass ein nach chinesischer Art und Weise ausgebildetes und gelehrtes
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then gradually passes off, leaving the infant in a languid and
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natural excitement which is the true key to all the pleasures
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the tongue in powder, and swallowed gradually every four or
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tions: First — upward and backward. Second — backward.
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membrane, and often of the womb itself, and of its veins and
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A similar chest is also made in a smaller size (No. 206 Chest— as
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vere and wearing to which the human frame is liable.
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schriebenen Aphorismen geliefert hat. Im ersten dieser Aphorismen hat
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either kill the part outright, or cause violent inflammation to
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ders taken at bedtime, is good ; this is a dose for a child of three
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a piece of alum about the size of a walnut ; when cool, strain, and
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and avoid tea and coffee, spirituous drinks, etc. If the Avomb
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best society. Any violation of the laws of the Creator in this,
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burning, feels worse when at rest and better from continued motion.
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The license accorded to boys when compared with that
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of it, mixed with a small portion of pulverized loaf-sugar, must
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firmly knit as to render it fitted for a cautious return to its
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Measures of capacity are used for liquids in mixing medicines.
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von einer wahren und einfachen, weder überexakten noch übergelehrten Natur-
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measure it, is a convenience that cannot be expressed in
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thénie 5). Mais s'il est vrai que la neurasthénie se montre après un
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practischen Sinn bei dem Verfasser voraussetzen lassen.
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page 177 et les suivantes dans lesquelles il affirme que le mal français fut
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^'""^dons P^-igns. The following is an extract from
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43 Lemonade. — Gall stones, burning urine, nose bleed.
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ters of small light-yellow pustules, which soon break and foim
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should be wrapped in flannel, and kept in an equable tempera-
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59 Coffee. — Menses too profuse, chorea, rheumatism.
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a number of early graves and burial mounds, in which,
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en un seul par Berger, voici ce que Ton peut glaner d'intéressant: Pierre
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the unpleasant taste perhaps sooner than anything else ; those
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les animaux; puis de ne pas donner aux malades le même régime qu'aux
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give linseed-tea or barley-water, and to an adult thirty drops of
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VeröfFentlichung seiner Abhandlung über ^^Empédoch considéré comme
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complete, and almost assumes the character of a reality, by the
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SrMPTOMS. — A constant desire, or feeling of necessity to
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to descend, yet a little more across the opposite leg. When
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ditions from fresh blood, and is free from fibrin, scrum,
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gleichfals das die ehelich geboren vnnd sich eines erbaren Wanndels