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titre de de conservanda juveniuU à l'usage, cette fois-ci, du roi Robert de

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even with apparently mild cases of whooping-cough, most es-

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Tp c.c. [approx. \ fl. oz.) and 60 c.c. [approx. 2 /. oz.)

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seignement théorique; n'était pas gratuit; qu'il se composait de l'exposé de

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Injuries to Archillis Tendo. — This is the great tendon

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soit seulement permis de dire que ce plaidoyer vieux, tenace et curieux fera

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Dislocation of the Wrist-Joint. — The hand may be

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deem that it matters little when, and therefore take no

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cold water for a day or two, then with warm water, and apply

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working them off with gruel, with salt in it. A complete cure

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A most reliable and highly-concentrated extract, prepared

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Sassafras {Sassafras Officinale). This aromatic tree is found in

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déclare partisan de Tidée d'une maladie nouvelle en 1492 ; seulement il ne dit

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Tracheotomy may be called for where there is fear of suffocation ;

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warm weather; but when they are about learning to walk it is

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portance that the throat should be carefully treated. If neg-

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should be given at night. Pieces of clothing or wadding

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Issued in bottles of oz. 4 (113 gm.), oz. 8 (227 gm.)

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horn in a wineglassful of water, or give a wineglassful of

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minence, and most respectably connected, became a hopeless

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Enfin on peut encore classifier sous le nom de pathologie des races

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de l'Ecole de Cos — sept maladies de la bile, douze maladies de la vessie,

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Griechen und R<>mern. Anatom. Hefte, LXIII, 1902.

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affected localities the greater portion of the scalp may become

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in Strassburg sie aber aus sprachlichen Gründen etwas weiter zurückverlege,

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eyelids closed ; in this case rub the latter with olive oil, and

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4. Johannes Dàuàscbnbs, c'est a dire Jean fils de Mésué, on Mésué l'ancien.

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most beneficially in such cases, and is frequently efficacious

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ment in relation to one already so fallen in their eyes. This is

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Mix. A piece of lint or linen, wetted in this lotion, to be

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phor ^, after a blister of Spanish Flies ( Catitharides') .

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Coltsfoot {Tussilago Farfara). Native of Europe, now natural-

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pretty well ; but at night again, probably there will be a recur-

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F, Holthausen. Zum Physiologus. Anglia, Beibl. XII, 1901.

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The serious character of this disease was but little regarded,

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laxatives that will affect the object; the foetid and erosive dis-

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prudence ought to be observed. With a view to the fullest

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l'injection du matin le soir, celle du soir le matin. Quand le pus devient

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Gelehrten behaupten, dass dies monumentale Werk seinem Inhalte nach

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Le rôle du médecin est ainsi bien défini: dans certains cas il pourra

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Stiff Neck. (247) — If caused from sitting in a draft, give Aeon.,

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tourniquet, gutta-percha tissue, plaster, protective .skin, sci.=iSors, pins,