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of smelling, is entirely destroyed by the acrid matter coming in

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riorum in manibus reliquerunt. Brunus, dans ces lignes, nous parait vouloir parler plutôt

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(Physiologically Standardised, Wellcome Physiological

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Issued m bottles offl. oz. 4 (114 <-.c\), fl. oz. 8 (227 cc.)

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fought in the county of Sligo, between the ^" ^""'"^

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vomiting is violent. As the least motion will bring on vomit-

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chronic form, tonics should be given internally, and the above

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L'auteur ne peut accepter une influence trophique sur ces phénomènes et

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Chests contain 'Tabloid,' ' Soloid ' and other fine products of

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Kosalie Slaugthcr ne croit pas au danger du Haffkine pendant l'incubation,

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strong iron wire, or a v^in and narrow flat piece of iron, suffici-

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Stelle deshalb schon entzieht, weil dieses nicht nur dem form vollendeten und gedanken-

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Fiebererscheinungen, innere und äussere Krankheiten und Schlagfluss.

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three eggs whipped stiff, with a half teacupful of pulverized sugar, anc

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minister to each other's edification and amusement. No day

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in whom the injury to the muscles, etc., is not very great, these

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probable. Injections of small quantities of milk, mutton-broth,

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In treatment, one will require soothing, the other tonic and

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This form he treats by purgatives, diluents, and morphia. 2. A form caused

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leech-bites not heal but continue bleeding, so that the person

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and give it in milk or water. While one person attends to

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but never rapidly proceeding — it may, indeed, have no effect at

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fistule lacrimale. I>a cure devra être effectuée en six mois pour le prix de

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Gum Arabic {Acacia Vera). Dissolved in water it makes a

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logische, Klimatologische und Medic. Geographischen Arbeiten, durch

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194 Coffee. — Female diseases, fevers, use instead of aconite.

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emergencies. They are specially valuable to ^°^}^/''

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nelles: les changements de saison, la chaleur, le froid, les fatigues, les

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puration from being too severe, corrects disarrangements of the stomach

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ous poison of the bowl; for so subtle and destructive is it, that

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interest it has awakened, and all classes of the people are ask-

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Töllig neues Licht gerückt werden. Die vielgesueht4; caufia interna seu siilUeien«

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— Burning pain in the throat, heartburn, vomiting, very likely

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's-Gravenhage, Gebr. T'a« Kleef, 1858, §5, pag. 38—47.

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laxatives that will affect the object; the foetid and erosive dis-

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of the stomach, as mustard, tartar-emetic, blood-root, etc.

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