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toms also abate, and very quickly leave the patient altogether —
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the truth of this become more apparent than in the relations
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Should the breast remain hard, friction with soap liniment
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constitution ; and cancer, more particularly in women, commits
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wissenschaften hat auch zur Folge gehabt, dass ihre grössten Entdeckungen
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In-jec'-tion (in-jek'-shun). Liquid sent into some part of the body
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Symptoms. — Discharges of blood will sometimes occur from
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should be well observed and guarded. In her conversation or
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teeth during sleep, starting from sleep, swollen belly, irregular appetite. Page 265.
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Used in chronic diarrhoea, chronic dysentery and chronic bowel com-
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Kreasotum, 4 x, discharge offensive, of any consistency.
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And here we would address ourselves more especially to the
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neys, effusion in the spinal cord from a blow, a burn or other
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Kenners der chinesischen Literatur des Grafen Dr. Meyrurs d*Estreij
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Podophyllin, 1^ grains ; aloes (socotrine), 3^ grains ; mucilage acacia,
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" If the habit is discovered, do not scold or whip the child.
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birth. The most common cause is deficient attention to cleanli-
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sive matters, or placed in boxes about a room, is also effica-
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apples constitute appropriate articles of nourishment. But it
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Nous savons d'autre part que souvent les médecins juifs joignaient à
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there be the slightest misapprehension on this head. Corrupt
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Experimentum fallax. Wir haben die Experientz und doch nit gar,
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the breasts, which are sympathetically associated with them,
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Iodine, 3 x, glandula enlargements, with wasting of the muscular
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„de oculis a Demetrio translatus" correspond presque mot-à-mot non seulement
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Chiccory {Chicoriinn Infybus). Medicinally used has a similar
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L'auteur ne peut accepter une influence trophique sur ces phénomènes et
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ayant besoin d'argent pendant sa dernière maladie emprunte à son coréligio-
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consists of a mixture of powdered sugar, Epsom salt, bicarbonates of soda
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in the freedom from nauseous medicines which are indispensa-
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happy evening hour which shall re-unite them. A cultivation
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and give it in milk or water. While one person attends to
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dulging in some sweet little spirituous potation, which grows
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they are particularly convenient when travelling. Extreme
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After a careful examination, expert chemists give the following prob-
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one allowed to enter it for eight hours, after which time the
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among women as this complaint. Few married women, particu-
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virtues, beginning as follows: "[Letting of] the vein in the tip of the
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ing, the general object is to pass the current through the nerves
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grains ; elder-flower water, 8 ounces. Mix, and apply as occas-
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interest it has awakened, and all classes of the people are ask-
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moved in all directions, slightly, to a'^certain that it is fixed in
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matter to bring up color and taste. Supposing you take the milk from
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the United States, and often substituted for true sarsaparilla. Its medi-
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Earhj Stage of Cholera Infantum. — Mercury with chalk and powder of
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of the stomach, as mustard, tartar-emetic, blood-root, etc.
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Unterschied fällt dabei auf: Witelo lässt die tunica aranea über vordere und
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oil of peppermint, previously dissolved in a little alcohol. Take
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about the size of a pin's head, filled with colorless fluid, and ter-
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18. Veneration, Reverence for sacred things — devotion — respect.
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blood vessels ; dilated pupils, convulsive movements of the face and limbs,