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out; this may happen more than once. The patient should be

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only made holy and happy when forged in a sense of true deli-

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one-quarter ounce; aqua ammonia and cologne, each one dram

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to cure the disease, but it is indispensable that the patient

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We would caution our readers strongly against the careless

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Artificial Nursing. — Under judicious management, in-

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place. In what is technically called the interrupted


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applicable to the very onset of the disease ; but it has the ad-

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M. le Prof. GuYE porte dans cette livraison un hommage bien mérité

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of nitrate of silver or powder of Indian hemp ; if this be not

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malaria et une autre d'une autre. Par exemple les Kabyles en Algérie ont

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by curtailing some of his wasteful personal expenses he might

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of chorea begin to manifest themselves. The too frequent use

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able to the entire Mell being of the human frame, and at no pe-

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à l'état du malade et d'écarter de lui tout mal et tout dommage;

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ing the eruption with mercurial ointment, or puncturing each

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Ex-cre'-tion. Waste matter thrown off from the system, as the perspi-