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nerves to sujjply the diaphragm, stomach, spleen, liver, kid-
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duced to turn from the evil of his ways and have led to the
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Treatment. — The best treatment is perfect quiet, and astrin-
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oil or olive-oil. If the patient be faint or sinking, give stimulants.
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corresponding to Tincture of Colchicum Seeds, B. P.
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Symptoms. — Severe vomiting, cramps, faintness, purging.
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gut; Bier schadet Euch nichts, kein Meth, kein Speis, die viel Wind macht
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avocations, then, those who are constrained to labor for their
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spirits of wine, or eau de cologne, one of chloroform, and one of
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those who have been accustomed to coarse food and laborious em-
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A tendency to heart failure must be met by giving digitalis
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gradually increased to eight or ten drops. Rub into the spots
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issued by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. This brand should always
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pills, or they will probably pass through the bowels unchanged.
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exertion of the limb may be allowed, but there must be great
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Row 1: John Juriga, Tim Sears, Carol Costa, Cathy Evans, Ali Fard, David Life, Rick Ammar.
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Pour les honoraires les auteurs pensent qu'il vaut mieux ne pas les fixer
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sions, beginning with rigidity of the whole body ; loud cries ; epilepsy ;
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pressure upon the womb, and stimulate the vessels to re-
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twenty grains ; cinnamon-water, and camphor-water, each two fluid drams.
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of bread and milk, or hops and flaxseed, continually applied
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condamné à mort. Cher ce sujet la lèpre ne se montra que 2 ans et V2 plus
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Balsam of Tolu. A stimulating expectorant, agreeable flavor
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found to be united, unless some accidental circumstances, such
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causes which produce the nettle-rash, when the system is pre-
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extract of valerian, each two ounces. Take two teaspoon fuls at a time
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Cholera Morbus. — Generally comes on suddenly, with vomiting and
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part, but has merely complained of a sense of weight in the
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sehr seltene Skizze von Teniers Jr. (1634), ein Steinsehneider im Kopfe
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propagation les parties innervées par des nerfs spéciaux; on peut faire guérir
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and injury; and we daily witness much suffering and danger
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given will agree with the stomach. In such cases, farinaceous
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this, every true son of Erin will confirm the fact that
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poète, professeur de la cour et chroniqueur plein de scrupules de faits
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dont Oviédo n'exerça pas la médecine et de Isla n'accompagna pas
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nal virtue is found in the flowers, berries and inner or second bark of
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. — :. ;.::.:.. ■""-.'.•• ™^J',v'' Ipi''**' '-r,-"':S'.- ■■" i.'';'.. H -T ._.
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or crumbly, or a sudden gust of wind may cause you to lose your
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may be taken dry on the tongue, or as much as could be placed upon a
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Suppressed Menstruation (Amenorrhoea). — Suppression
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Inflammation of the Bladder. (196) (Cystitis.) — Aeonite,
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lion, of each four drams; slippery elm, two drams; mucilage of slippery elm,
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history. With women the fifty-third, and with men the sixtieth
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and little can be done beyond enjoining perfect rest and to
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bouche ouverte que quand ils parlent, parcequ'ils croient que l'air exhalée
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6 ounces; cinnamon water, 2 ounces. Dose, a wineglassful
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strength not to be overcome, the willing captive who, under
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pared in the form of tea, take a handful of the freshly bruised root lo
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tune, might be reduced to beggary, from the fact of their hav-
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Barcelone en 1492 avec les premiers habitants des nouvelles contrées,
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or beef tea can do no harm. If the nose and eyes run like water,
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elle se développe plus vite qu'en Europe et s'il y a déjà une ulcération
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The entire medical equipment of this Expedition was
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3. To Increase Respiratory Power. — The breathing power and
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6. Chloride of Lead. — Dissolve half a dram of nitrate
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A history of all the ' Tabloid ' Equipments associated
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Bei Patienten mit schwachem Magen verbot er ausserdem Fische und Krebse,
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