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falls off, or where the ulcer is very small — the sore should be
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tilated. When the atmosphere is mild, the external air ought
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ric ether. Hold fast by the ropes on the side of the ship, so as
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tends to tlie neighboring structures of the neck. At other
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per. On the appearance of any excoriations, a finely poAvdered
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Druid, who bought her mother as a slave. From her infancy she is
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this starchy substance into nourishment. It clogs and impedes the ac-
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Zeit, No. 77 und 78, 1902.) An instructive history of the disappearance of
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that when these manifestations of cephalic congestion and gen-
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glass of Avater, and repeat this every ten minutes. Then give
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Tlie following recent contributions by Dr. Ziemann to our knowledge of
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University. In 1954 architect Cyrus Silling chose noted American sculptor Milton Horn
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the end of the third day, or a little later, an eruption of a dusky
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child-bearing, frequent miscarriages, or protracted lactation.
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tablespoonfuls at first, and then one tablespoonful, every fif-
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usually followed by slight malaise., chilly sensations, stuffiness
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Au formulaire et seulement dans le manuscrit de Florence, nous trouvons
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unsatisfactory. ' Hemisine ' is physiologically standardised by
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cayenne pepper, oil of sassafras, oil of turpentine, or the tinct-
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3. Spiced syrup of rhubarb, tincture of cardamom, paregoric and
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son of his wife, and that consequently the precise character of
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highly satisfactory report on the ' Tabloid ' Medical
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decoction every hour till perspiration is excited. When the fever is overcome,
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opening of a duct that runs into the nose. These openings convey
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Expedition of 1873, fitted out according to old-time
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use of the warm bath ; and apply hot water in bottles to the
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will have the effect of straightening the curved passage so
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fluid ounce shall contain ^ of a grain of muriate of morphia.
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Men'-stru-um. A solvent ; any liquid used to dissolve solid substances.
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Croup. (326) — Aeon., i x, and Spongia, 3 x, alternately, for
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make war upon common sense, and imbibe such sentiments and
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be disinfected, in accordance with the above rules, under the
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Chamomilla, 30, child is very nervous and cries often ; colic and
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sium hypophosphite, gr. 2 ; sodium hypophosphite, gr. 2
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I in looo. This solution, the result of continued experiment
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Polypus of the Nose. — Polypus •is a name given to a
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— if indulgent fathers and mothers will tempt their children
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to the grave responsibility which attaches to the latter respect-
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tance that parents educate their children in some trade or calling
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Symptoms. — The symptoms usually pic;sent in a well-de-
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and sensitive, they may be washed with brandy and water, or a
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tion must cease. When the foreign body is small in proportion
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c'est son ancienneté, i) Bien avant Hippocrate (460 av. J. C.) c'est Hippo-
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of four of his pupils, at the house of his patient while the
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and a dozen leeches applied to the back, should it be long be-
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sultée; il n'en est peu de plus fidèle, de plus médicale. Pour les passages
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usually disordered, it is well to give an emetic, and after it has
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with certain washings at an adjacent well, were deemed
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4) Raschy Ueber die Amok-Krankheit der Malayen (Neur. Cbl. 1895, no. 19).
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of hysteria and f linting. Debility of constitution is likely to be
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as suddenly as it comes on. Its periodic returns and remis-
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gonflé par la cuisson autant qu'elle le pouvait naturellement. Quand la
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Syphilis, or Pox, is usually acccompanied by three dis-
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retarding them — summer being, of course, the most favorable
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phenylethylamine in definite amount and free from the paralytic