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trifling in itself, which warn tlie practised physician of tlie ap-

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to add that all severe cases of this disease should be treated by

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Low Spirits. — This is a state of mind generally associated

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que tant de médecins afEectent systématiquement de considérer comme l'unique

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No. 125. 'Tabloid' Brand Medicine Cowhide and other fine

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portance that the throat should be carefully treated. If neg-

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H, Ideler, Die Pharmakodynamik von Swietens. In. Diss. Greifsw., 1902.

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ques malades et que ceux qu'elle guérit c'est par pur effet du hasard. On

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eight day after birth. At first, the eyelids appear glued to-

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die Qualification und Berechtigung verschafft, ein höheres, öffentliches Amt

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padovana nei progressi delV Anatomia in Mwropa". M. D. G.

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What has been said unaer the head of putrid sore throat,

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ought to be carefully watched, and preserved for the examina-

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Kuch^nbecker. Behandlungsweise der Syphilis vor 200 Jahren. Corr. Bl. f.

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evil, and say to them, that although they have escaped it, their

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a firm hold can be taken, this may be seized by forceps or pin-

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tack. Smoking should be stopped by those who suffer from the disease.

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noise and bustle about it. The water used for washing healthy

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words "trj//;," shaking, and "hiiii," :i hand. Epilepsy

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camphor, 4 ounces ; oil anise seed, 1 dram ; alcohol, 3^ pints ; water, 3^

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the writer begins : " The age of the Lord when this

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the malaria microbe, and a full dose taken early will often

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hand embracing the upper and posterior part of its thigh,

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lar spot, put them in a wineglass or pill-box, and hold over the

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le qnÎBZî<n>e fîètfie; oa y pourra étudier les biographies de ce^ antetir« préeité«

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Symptoms. — At first small knots appear under the chin or

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the tincture, if these cannot be procured. When the fever is

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being, in the sense under consideration, cannot fail to be visited

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rash of scarlet fever is smooth to the touch, spreads over the

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most every household and forms an emetic which can be used at a mo-

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fuerit pro utilitate operutionis . . . neque debet inhoneste loqui cum eis, nee revolvere uculos

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is a slightly inflamed state of the extremity or orifice of the

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ounces; when cold, bottle, and add best brandy, or rectified spirit of wine, four

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45 Coffee. — Apoplexy, mania, lead colic, hernia, sleeplessness.

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TheniÄ des Autors, der sieh die Aufgabe gestellt hat, die Geschiehte der

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urgent symptoms, and stop the spasm wliich is the most dis-

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when raised by hana; and Avhen, upon trial, the slightest kinds

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modic affections and other derangements of the nervous system ; sleep-

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Nahrung" als drittes Wort auf der Zunge ; von Ünmässigkeit im Essen ist

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children and their bearing upon society, not to speak of their

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caution on the part of a young maiden in her intercourse with

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Faculty: Kazunari Koike, Ph.D.; Rodney Kovach, M.D.;

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which keeps up a rolling and rumbling in the bowels. Sandy, red, brick

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Wenn demnach die Haig'schen Theorien, ihre Richtigkeit vorausgesetzt,

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of which have lands assigned to them, and each of these

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account is given of this curious and interesting legend

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Bayard's phrase, " Our kin across the sea," are inscribed

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Fresh eggs for invalids who like them cooked soft, should be put in

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cough ; diarrhoea, etc., one of the best remedies in this disease.

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une même région. Or pour cela il faut bien admettre que l'air contient

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They are specially suitable for dispensing, and their diminished

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bed, drink hot composition tea, hot lemonade, and other hot

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Il recommande, le respect de l'art, l'intégrité du praticien, le salut du

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addition of nine 2 dr. phials of 'Tabloid' and ' Soloid ' Brand products,

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this disease in its earlier stages. The patient should be strength-

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colourless scales, which are readily soluble in water. It

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Oph-thal'-mi-a (of-thal'-mi-a). Inflammation of the eyes.

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ter among children of the same parents. The idea merits

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Barcelone 1888. Cependant je me suis redit et à l'heure qu'il est mon

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Pharmacopoeia (Eighth Revision), from carefully selected