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1) D%\ Julfim Pagel. EinführuDg etc. auch Dt\ H, Haeset\ Lehrbuch der Oesch. d. Med.

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Dressings, Pleated Compressed, 'Tabloid' Brand— cofitinued

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biliary obstruction, indigestion, flatulency, and most stomach complaints where

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Plumbiwi, 30, stools of hard, small balls, frequent attacks of colic.

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enne, three drams — mix well. Dose: as the preceding, and for similar pur-

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tion of 2 ounce of sugar and 1 dram of gum arable in 8 ounces of a decoction

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continue up to the age of from forty to fifty; sometimes they

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patient. The mean duration of cases terminating favorably is

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2. Gàlibn. a celui-ci il a fait de nombreux emprunts. En particulier les

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causes of insanity is drunkenness. Excessive study, strong men-

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truths into the ears of a young maiden arrived at the years of

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juridiques et déclarations si nombreuses qui résultaient des polémiques entre

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lobelia seed, powdered, skullcaji and myrrh, of each two ounces; cayenne, four

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with a thin film of wliite sugar, rcaiiily solulile in the stomach,

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titre de de conservanda juveniuU à l'usage, cette fois-ci, du roi Robert de

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medicinischen Schriften sind noch folgende zu merken, i) Angeblich im

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give warm doses of catnip, penny-royal, or balm tea.

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in China nicht ganz vernachlässigt. In jeder Stadt und wohl auch in vielen

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Welt darstellt. Es ist ein Reich geworden, das sein Leben weiterfahrt,

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should be excluded. Keep a careful watch of the patient for a month or

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Treatment. — For the purulent discharge from the ear, which

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of a grass-green color, from three to four grains of magnesia

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tions: First — upward and backward. Second — backward.

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issued by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. To ensure the supply of

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3) Archives départementales de Vaucluse, fond des Cordeliers, c. 1.

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Pains in the Side may arise from a rheumatic affection, or

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Que sont les chirurgiens à cette époque Les uns sont des chirurgiens

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or three times a day, till the bowels open. Flannel should

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padovana nei progressi delV Anatomia in Mwropa". M. D. G.

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Issued in baffles of oz. i (28-3 gm. ) and oz. 4 (113 gm. )

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similarly to sarsaparilla, is said to be equal to that as a purifier of the blood,

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quent. It is generally accompanied by fracture of the small or

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Tie half a pint of wheat flour in thick cotton, and boil it three or

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ounces of alcohol (60 per cent.) makes a preparation

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and as we minister to both daily, so shall our reward be.

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carried in the waistcoat pocket, and doses taken regularly whilst

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sinistrum. Et hoc mediant« summa triam scutorum, quos ipsa Guillemina eidem

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pas dues à la race, mais sont propres à une certaine contrée, car on les

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wound, which should be untouched; the pad should be very

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uneasiness, wakefulness, dizziness, poor appetite, noises in the head, ringing in

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Treatment. — The treatment should consist of light diet and

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weise noch jetzt die, dass sich die Diät nach der Natur des Badeortes

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Take as much boracic acid as you can dissolve in a half pint of soft