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Flowers should be collected just before fully expanded.

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he awakes. Let the bed be hard and cool, with ligdit covering.

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half an ounce, heat spirit, then pour on the cayenne. Cloths dipped in this

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Arsenicum, 3 x, useful for indigestion, with burning of the stomach,

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be succeeded by throbbing and a sensation of weight, — the skin

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pills, or they will probably pass through the bowels unchanged.

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Gran-uTa'-tion, The healing of a wound or ulcer by the formation

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cough, hot skin, quick pulse, rattling in the throat, hoarseness. When the child

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means the obstruction removed. A strong emetic will some-

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water enough to make two oz. Give a teaspoonful every three hours.

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of her choice, we would then say, " touch not, taste not, the un-

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its strength is exhausted. Evaporate this infusion to four

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peculiarly indigestible. Even two or three raisins have been

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Ex-u-da'-tion. Perspiration ; the discharge of moisture on the surface

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blemishes as have been already alluded to, the first care of

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fretfulness, flushing of the cheeks, and unusual sensibility of the

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gastric region, — the warm bath is to be employed, with purga-

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Profuse Menstruation {Menorrhagia). — This consists

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these organs. It usually follows childbirth, abortions, or exces-

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perfect quietude in the recumbent position, until the body ia

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crowfoot, and half the quantity of beth-root; make into a tea;

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which offerings of sheep were sometimes sacrificed with

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Das Haig'sche Buch bringt Neues in reichem Maassc: es entwickelt sogar

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View. 5 — Physiological Laboratory. 6 — Laboratory for preparing nutrient

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half drams; syrup of marsh mallows, one and a half ounces;

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posture. It is most generally caused by exposure to wet or

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may occupy from one month to two, the wound will look florid

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bone of the two (see. Fig. 116), and the fracture of this does not

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heute benutztes Werk über „Honso" d. i. Pflanzenkunde niedergeschrieben

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enthaltenen Heilvorschriflen zu greifen. Wendet er zur unrechten Zeit, oder

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will be required — one to go before and the other behind; cr,

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ishing diet, are the means to be pursued. When there is dis-

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porains: tempore praesenti nedum iaioiaey iniftio quidam indecentius ci

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little trouble and less expense, yet it is very seldom prepared exactly

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eines Tages eingestehen müssten : „Unsere gelehrte Medizin befand sich in der

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ammonium chloride, menthol, etc., issued in enamelled

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liar ailments. To women is entrusted a most sacred charge —

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the part ; the tightness may be increased by inserting a piece

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slowly an hour, or until they are swollen large and quite soft. They

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an antidote against the poison." Accordingly, at the

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his arms, then comes that terrible humiliation which is worse

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les yeulx de leurs pacients en qiwy ilsfaisoient opération par grande erreur P

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is also useful in skin diseases, some forms of eye troubles and syphilis.

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physician then entered the house with his diagnosis

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tion of a soap suppository into the anus will be of service.

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hair brush, first wiping the part dry with a soft piece of linen.

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die erkennen und mit zu viel verhoffen in unser Apotheken, Officinen,

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ills the human race is heir to as this invaluable servant of the

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an honest, reasonable, and useful basis, — which, after all, is the

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form, these do not comprise all that is necessary to the most

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parts ; of the period of life and the time of year when