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les successeurs de Colomb et de Pinzon. (Mémoires de la B. Acad. de l'His-
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auf genuegsamen eingenommenen bricht sich erfunde, sol er die Zeit der
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a genuine interest in teaching medical students and residents.
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Arsenic. — {Scheele's green, ague-drops, rat-jjoiso^i, etc.) —
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Puer, Hagano nomine . . . oculorum cecitatem incurrit. Parentes, cum jam
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Treatment. — Administer such medicines as will give tone
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water, and make great efforts to swallow. The quantity of
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ture of Peruvian bark, and wash twice a day. Avoid salt
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liche, thätige und das weibliche, leidende Princip auf und übertrug diese
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in which a very slight irregularity in the mode of living has
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such mobility in every joint and finger, as though it
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recurring examples before our own eyes of the fact that the
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forth ; and after the third, a son — the famous Aedh.
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Sol er in gemelter Zeit vmb abbringung bey einer E. Hannss anhalten.
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Aug. Gottl. Richter, Will. Hunter, Bichat, Lobstein d. Ac, Joh. Müller. Mehr philoso-
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Never take the milk from a milk cart, for that is a mixed milk of all
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sea or in the ice. I found the ' Tabloid ' and ' Soloid '
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avoid using them as much as possible. Food will be swallowed without
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cacy are requisite in the introduction of such an instrument as
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vian bark and steel, to be taken alternately every two weeks.
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' Wellcome ' Brand Sera are prepared in the Wellcome
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attended with a sensation as of ants or other insects creeping
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gleety discharges, call for the use of the hip-bath, and a slightly
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Cough.— 1^ there is cough, which frequently attends preg-
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to redound to her credit and happiness, and keep the light
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wendig, was wir nit sehen, als lags vor den Augen . . . .
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Add a teaspoonful of arrow root to half a pint of boiling water ;
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Rhubarb, 1 dram ; cream tartar, 1 ounce ; barley, 1 ounce ; water, 2
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occurs in those of the face, it is termed face-ague or tic-dolo-
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several works, for the honour of God, for the benefit
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be blunted by course or indelicate remarks, and the charm of
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wholly poisoned and debauched — there is hope for him, as a
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indicium difficile^ oporiet auiem non solum se ipsum exhihere quae
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and sensitive, they may be washed with brandy and water, or a
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Condurango, i x, is said to relieve the pain of cancer, anything
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quia timeo ne hahentes earn superhia tollerentur. Quant à la formule de
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Soda, 15 ounces, dried ; tartaric acid, 5 ounces, dried ; bicarbonate of
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always with them an equipment of reliable medicines emergen-
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than death. There is no escape from the consequences of this
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eighth day, from the age of fifteen to that of forty -five, or lor
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virtues, to the human race. The root, bark, leaves and flowers of
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In cases of paralysis no other remedy, unless it be electricity, will
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the heart of every young maiden, and upon that of every wife
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artU, et cum ejus voluntatem cognoverim, ad hujuB libri complementum reversus, predict!
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administration. Take a teaspoonful every half hour.
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to medical traditions or references to antient treatment in
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teurs à leur retour des Amériques et* il faudra bien relever cette opinion
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68 Camphor. — Tedious labor, bloody diseases generally.
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