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4. Fresh Earth. — Fine dry earth sprinkled over offen-
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Volksheil be wusstsein entstandene oder aber als ein Wiederaufleben der alten
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using them according to the best knowledge and discretion
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in the fire, and blew with the smith's bellows until it
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tartar, powdered borax, aqua ammonia, each one-half ounce ; rain
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tincture of opium, and h dram of tincture of fox-glove, and a olution of 8
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Dose; one three times a day is useful in all impurities of the blood and fluids;
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still surrounded by it, we must assume to breathe it ourselves
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cancer may find a resting place in the laceration, which would never have
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means " little trefoil," and is appUed to various tre-
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Nous trouYons deux contributions à la connaissance de cette maladie dans
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du mal et qui se seraient trouvés dans la suite de Colomb au retour de son
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a wine-glassful to a whole one, twice during the day, and at bed-time in a little
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Va-ri'-o-lous. Pertaining to or denoting small pox.
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of whom we have a fuller record, may be regarded as
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The word 'Valule' is a brand which designates fine products
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entschuldigung oder Ehafte einem Viermaister zuwissen machen. Dieselb
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ternal parts exempt from it. It often afiects the lungs, liver,
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infused in wine or brandy, with as much rhubarb as will open
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care not to produce salivation. When the sore assumes an in-
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siècles dans quelque région du vieux continent par le commerce des
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Brillenarten beschreibt. Da er einerseits ohne Wiedergabe der Abbildungen
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add herbs — boil ten minutes longer, strain and pour whilst hot upon golden
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So hoch, als sein übertriebenes Selbstgefühl ihn stellte, stand Paracelsus
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necessary to be careful in the air we breathe, the exercise we
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night and morning with warm salt and water ; rub well in. two or
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Profuse Menstruation. (2 7 2) (Menorrhagia.) — Calc.Carb.,y>,
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anglaise de cette contrée. Nous ne suivrons pas les affections que contractaient
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donne-t'il Tolède et les princes chrétiens pour venir à la cour de l'émir
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sipelas ; excitability and derangement of the nervous system ; bad conse-
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perineum, are the most frequent causes of ulceration and displacements
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Copper. — (blue copperas, blue verditer, mineral green, ver-
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be taken, with sulphate of magnesia; or ten or fifteen drops of
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in the ripening and discharge of an ovum or egg, which, when
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are often flushed, and the infant frequently starts in his sleep.
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S. Gfeller, Blütenlese aus einem alten handschriftlichen Arzneibuche. Schweiz.
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have produced an artificial hot climate and the foul air natural
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of the warm bath. Infants in this condition should not be
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besucht, „gen Granada, gen Lissabon, gen Hispanien, durch Engelland,
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and should always bo required to empty the bladder just before
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share of time indoors, and who wear chest protectors, and sleep
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required in the secondary stage of the fever; and, if it assumes
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licorice powder, and skull cap, of each one ounce; polypoddy, angelica, and
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que le vin fort, mais facilite l'expectoration. Quant au vin blanc fort il est
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Excess of Menstruation, or Flooding, Remedy for.— Arch-
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often the case, medicated cakes or lozenges, containing the reme-
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warm spice. A mustard-plaster to the pit of the stomach if
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Au Xle siècle, Constantin l'africain illustre par ses traductions et ses
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antly upon the bowels, as in cases of diarrhoea, dysentery and in summer
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be freely divided by a lancet, directly over the point of the ad-
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family generally. To a mind so astute and analytical as his, it