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rupture and should be repaired. Use hot vaginal injections of Calendu-
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Volksheil be wusstsein entstandene oder aber als ein Wiederaufleben der alten
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pure spirits of wine. Give to an adult ten drops of this tinc-
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Es sol auch khain Hanndlung vnnder dem schein gemaines hanndtwerchs
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Lock-jaw (tetanus) and frightful convulsions are often the
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Nous y trouvons cités encore les deux auteurs suivant: Filius Gigoe ou
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die fünfte Augenkrankheiten ; die sechste Zahn- und Halsleiden ; die sie-
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cases, the vomiting returns every hour or two, attended by
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wild-cherry bark, and poplar bark, in equal quantities, made into
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air passages are loaded with catarrhal debris is bad practice, and
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Sick Headache (Sour Stomach). — Aromatic spirit of ammonia, six
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Saline draughts, taken in the act of effervescence, are of singular
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that her dependence upon man, and her claims to his love and
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if it does not, the operator is to add the complement of water, so that each
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and cause the light to burn low upon the hearthstone of the
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edy. Sanguinaria Nitrate, 3 x, will often help when there is severe
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ends, which can be passed round the limb, and tied. It should
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les Chinois etc. peut dépendre de la nutrition, parce que probablement
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or washing; suffering wet diapers, stockings, etc., to remain
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germs that have so far been recognized. The truth of this claim
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pulverized rhubarb, 2 scruples; pulverized ipecac, 6 grains;
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,, Cannabis Indica, B. P., Extract of (Physiologically Con-
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Item es sol khain Viermeister nichts aus der Püchssen hinleihen, dann
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recommended that the military chest should be furnished with
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Die chinesische Cultur kann unzweifelhaft als eine der ältesten ange-
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pleted. When both bones are broken, it is generally necessary
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merkwürdigen und wertvollen Denkmals deutscher Gewerbegeschichte".
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in its mission when improperly prepared, and often the best prepared