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This preparation is made by a special process, and is

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To this end, he must endeavor to look upon things as they

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avait eu en Amérique les médecins Wotton (1606), Bussell (1607), Bagnall

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children in moderate portions, when the stomach and bowels

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the grounds of the one, and the wife moving forward a step to

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Laurence F. Lester Wayne Mary T. Kim, Roger H. Kim, Mary C.

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raspberry leaves, of each half an ounce; water, one and i half pints, boil down

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Curved or straight. For screwing on collapsible tulies.

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But we are getting on too fast, and must go back to explain

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high up, instant or speedy death is the result; if low down,

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grains ; powdered ipecac, 4 grains ; tartar-emetic. Mix together.

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has no juice or strength." Murkertagh O'Brien, King

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which are more luminous than light itself, and which go

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Hence the necessity of warning the young and untutored heart

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" clucking " noise in the fauces. When this is occasioned by

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morning, noon, and evening, with an occasional teaspoonful of

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Joint. The junction of two or more bones; articulation.

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This tiny gold medicine chest is fitted with twelve square

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powder of ipecacuanha and camphor, three or four grains of

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The general rule as to tying the cord, with the exceptions

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part of the body will cause contraction of the muscles governed

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go farther, and warn the ardent tvnd well-meaning suitor of

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Gargle. — Dissolve seven drops of creosote in two oz. of glycerine,

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always marked loss of strength and rapid lowering of the

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skin, chronic eruptions, ulcers and erysipelas, cracks and excoriations,

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conduct and consideration evinced towards the maiden must

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der spagjrrischen und chemiatrischen Heilkunde über Gebühr obenan gestellt.

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so z.B. werden daselbst organische Functionen als in enger Verbindung

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vomiting. In general it appears in the morning, vanishes in

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abstrickhen oder abwerben bei Straf eins dalers halb in ein E. Hannss

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spices boiled in it, etc. The region of the stomach may be

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and of moral and religious obligations, to protect the nascent

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Iodide of potassium, 1 dram ; tincture of cardamom compound, 4

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pint, li lbs. ; and the gallon, 10 lbs. In prescriptions tlie weights

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by the side of it. Then take the medicine and retain it in the

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qui regarde sa vie : de bonnes mœurs donnent de l'autorité et une bonne

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of one of the gentler sex, her doom is almost irrevocably sealed 1

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aus der Burgerschaft an dem Babstumb hantigen. Damit nun mit deren

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similarly to sarsaparilla, is said to be equal to that as a purifier of the blood,

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children, there are sometimes convulsions. About forty-eight

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Item so ein Stuckhwercher die glass nit wie sich gebürt machen würde,

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sion of the countenance. Not so in hysteria; the cheeks are

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charcoal powder, each a teaspoonful ; powdered ginger, one teaspoonful.

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sacred in his eyes and never be the subject of any familiarity

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