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Hoffman's ether, a few drops each, upon a lump of sugar. Per-

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glue in the acid with heat, and the gelatine in water, with heat. Mix the two

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parasite frequenting the scalp, although it may visit other parts

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smoke a pipe or cigar when you have much about or near you.

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fadke, yowl feateiw fan lecvuti*tq> fate <zhwicf4, &em yowi <mm tecnet fan totccete-.

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bone to be pulled backward and outward during the procesis

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buted, for the parents of this wretched ])eing were of them-

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From a fragment of an Antient Map of the World drawn in the

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eration to Avhich he regards himself entitled on the part of the

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stimulants, except camphor. If there is irritation in the cere-

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latter was being healed, but at the cost of the trans-

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„ Anti=colon Bacillus Serum : from horses immunised

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Symptoms. — When it occurs naturally, the premonitory

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eggs, jelly, game, salad, mushrooms, cantharides, aloes, and all

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Headache. — A cup of strong tea is sometimes a temporary remedy ;

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the atmosphere, sets up this pain, it should be at once removed,

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11. Cautiousness, Prudence — provision — watchfulness.

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freely soluble in water, and yields a bright solution. It

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that it is being caused by indigestible food, castor oil should always be

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mouth with a lump of clay and bury beside a curious

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so in the animal is the enlightened and judicious blending of

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working them off with gruel, with salt in it. A complete cure

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ally in breathing and coughing ; irregularity to the touch ;

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After a short time, no bilious matter is to be seen in the dis-

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one subject to another; at length there is a carelessness to all

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an ounce; water, three pints, boil down to a quart, and strain— then add cay^-

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ed uvula, which closes the passage when the patient lies down,

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En acceptant ces conclusions on peut s'expliquer la différence des

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Talcen same as composition powder, twice or thrice a day, for bladder affections,

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after wliicli the wliole may be easily washed off with warm

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de Isla. Bien que je ne possède point les détails de cette dispute scienti-

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whitish, or even blackened by vitiated blood. This false mem-

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the bowels, and is adapted to conditions of irritation and excitability of

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ceeds his mere boyish days, he, in most cases, enters upon a new

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ing as may, in their judgment, seem to require it, of which they

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der Chow-Dynastie (11 25 — 255 vor Chr.) in dem Buche „SaiShi" aufge-

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ancienne nous paraîtrait être celle de Chartres. Cette école était déjà

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abkhaufen mögen bei Straf i e dl. in ein E. Hannss darzu solches wie

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dinate discharge of urine, with or without sedimentous matter.

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slight white sediment, a very bitter taste, and an odor of wintergreen oil.

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Magnesia. It is an alkali, useful in naturalizing the acid of the stomach

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any other level and slightly resisting surface, and divested of

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ing will become larger, and it may then fall out or be easily

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In the second stage carbonate of ammonia is a remedy of

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only be effected by mechanical means, This is effected by an

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In the treatment of phagedenic or sloughing ulcer, no spe-

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turpentine may be added to the dose of castor-oil. Where

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camphor, 2 ounces ; oil peppermint, 2 minims ; oil cloves, 2 minims ; sali-

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sions, and absence of inflammatory symptoms, are distinctive

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