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and Aveak brandy and water, to which one or two drops of creo-

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and as we minister to both daily, so shall our reward be.

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carried in the waistcoat pocket, and doses taken regularly whilst

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sinistrum. Et hoc mediant« summa triam scutorum, quos ipsa Guillemina eidem

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pas dues à la race, mais sont propres à une certaine contrée, car on les

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wound, which should be untouched; the pad should be very

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uneasiness, wakefulness, dizziness, poor appetite, noises in the head, ringing in

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Treatment. — The treatment should consist of light diet and

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weise noch jetzt die, dass sich die Diät nach der Natur des Badeortes

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Take as much boracic acid as you can dissolve in a half pint of soft

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ing water. Cover up and let it stand for twenty-four hours*,

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Con-sti-pa'-tion. Costiveness ; obstruction or hardness of the con-

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or cider, or sour fruit. Afterwards, olive, linseed, or any whole-

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add the cinnamon when it is nearly done boiling, strain and sweeten.

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of tartar to a half pint, makes a cooling and refreshing drink ; it

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mothers, or those under whose care they are placed, of what

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Treatment. — Fig. 114 wnll show the method of reduction;

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Co-ag'-u-la'-tion. A change from a fluid to a solid condition, as in

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against mere outward appearance, and directing it towards a

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anything else that can conveniently be procured. Alter the

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used in combinations to rub with in rheumatisms, etc. , etc.

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the child's health bo impaired, it must be sustained by nourish-

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planted by the farmer, the robin and the elephant, all springing

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dice, or fatal exhaustion of the vital energies. All the usual

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et on lie au pied gauche du patient des feuilles de salvia en prononçant

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care to allow it entire freed»m of motion for several hours daily,

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55 Cantharis. — Dropsy from disease of the kidneys, constipation.

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slate with a spatula, having previously saturated it with spirit

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Issued in tubes of gr. 5 (0-3 gm. ) and gr. 15(1 gi//. )

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Dose — gr. 1/8 to gr. 1/2 (o-oo8 gm. to 0-03 gm.)

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conseqaeretor ut acum directe sciât ponere inter tunicas sine laesione hami-

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most marked .symptoms. A spasmodic closure of the lids takes

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this, every true son of Erin will confirm the fact that

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the absence of foaming at the mouth, wliicli is nearly always

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only a credit to themselves, but to the human family at

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the right side, and makes a powerful extension on the afiected

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Boneset {^Eiipatorium Perfoliattmi) Thoroughwort. See illus-

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le nom seul nous est parvenu: Magister Gervasius^ Maître Gervais^ qui

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ajoute l'application de cautères, et l'inévitable phlébotomie. Le médecin a

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"son of the physician"), from an older book book of

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ities) , as they are generally caused by some deep seated disease of the

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( see page 127; affords a pleasant means of securing

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ture, 6 ounces. A tablespoonful to be taken every four hours —

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pharynx, larynx, aiad bronchi is well marked. In this form.

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the cavity with a little tepid water, apply cotton saturated in equal parts

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following an injury, also Calc Fhos., 3 x. When the ulceration is the

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by the following lotion: tincture of arnica, one part; water,

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zwei anatomische Figuren des menschlichen Körpers, aus Kupfer, zu Stande

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mort en 1276: la seconde est un traité anonyme que j'ai trouvé à la

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both stimulant and anti-spasmodic. Useful in hysterical paroxisms and

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stomach, produced by the use of greasy food, fat pork, pastry ; bad ef-