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bring it on, and so will a disordered state of the stomach ; more

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oughly ventilated. No attempt should be made to fumigate the

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barle3^-water, or a very liquid preparation of arrowroot, will

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drams; cayenne, two drams — all powdered and sifted. Dose: a teaspoonful m

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milk. Boil for a few minutes, and stir constantly to prevent lumping

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Inflammatory Blush. (201) (Erythema.) — BeiL, 3 x, all the

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Tincture opium, 6i ounces ; tincture catechu, 5 ounces, 3 drams ; spirit

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The word 'Elixoid' is a brand which designates fine products

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lated to minister to her needs in the hour of necessity.

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the stronger the impression made upon the mind of the child of

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whites, gleets, etc. The seeds are purgative and emetic, in doses of from

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Agrimony {Agrimonia Eupatoria). Possesses mild, astringent,

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some days, unless the discharge should be great, and the

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and is manifested by red lines taking the course of these ves-

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venient form, the re([Uiremenls lor making an analysis

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have contents taken out and thoroughly fumigated, and ticks,

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autre explication, quand la race semblait jouer un rôle.

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Bilious or Remittent Fever. (167) — Gelseminum, i x, the

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überzeugt ist, dass sie sagt: „Es lohnt sich überhaupt nicht, von Theorien

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Issued in bottles of oz. i (28-3 ^^w.) and oz. 4 (ii3^w.)

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and sometimes by functional disorders from local or constitu-

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be3"ond the foot, with tow, lint, or other soft material, taking

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es wenig geachtet wird. „Bier ist gesünder denn Wein, das ist: minder

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peculiar ceremonies. Another early chronicler makes

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2^ que la maladie, inconnue en Europe, fut introduite pour la première

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smooth and polished, or dry and brown. The stools are com-

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curs in several of the internal tissues. It is of a jelly-like con-

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of the heart, the symptom is urgent difficulty of breathing ; the

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their once true and affectionate wives, that they drifted into

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Pars secunda. De medicinis simplicibus in speciali quae operantur in oculis.

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Mix and use frequently. Or the following: Muriatic acid, 1

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of tlicir children, or the long religious services to which they

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false delicacy on the part of the father, relative to pointing out,

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making cordial, A decoction is very useful, relieving colic pains in

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powerful cathartic. Used in dropsy, also in promoting the monthly dis-

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Il ne commettra point de vol dans la maison de son patient .. . Il n'aura

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Das vierte Quartalaheft der amerikanischen Zeitschrift für medizinische Bibliographie

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The new soluble Bismuth Salts and the soluble Iron Arsenate

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le fait le savant rédacteur de Janus. Je n'entends pas relever dans la

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daily intercouse with such of her male friends as may have ac-

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dry tliem, and infuse them in the same manner as tea; drink

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amative organs in the Drain and body. The cerebrum is robbed,

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Sans doute le béri-béri attaque plus d'Indigènes que d'Européens. Dans

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for a draught, to be taken at bedtime. Or take, on going to

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W preferable. The observation is quickly made and its

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suppuration se produit à la suite d'une péripneumonie la fièvre persiste,

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the same time closing its nostrils, and endeavor, by a moderate

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This is a soluble ferric pyrophosphate, in the form

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pills ; powdered aloes, with canella, commonly called hiera picra,

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instruits de l'emploi du spiromètre; mais qu'il n'estimait pas nécessaire

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standings between the parties most concerned and destroy the

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and rather less than the size, of the last joint of the little finger. Dip it in

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Golden Seal, or Yellow Puccoon.— The root is used. It is a bitter

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