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tincture iodine, i ounce; spike oil, 1 ounce ; alcohol, 1 pint.

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be3"ond the foot, with tow, lint, or other soft material, taking

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of the wound; that is, right through the bite; then wind a

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Excess of Menstruation, or Flooding, Remedy for.— Arch-

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ing the threshold of manhood, or that period of life which suc-

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six drams of spirits of sweet nitre : laudanum, one and a half

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7. To Regulate Muscular Action. — No remedy is of greater

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Victorinus de rethorica^ Demosthenes ophtalmicus, 2)

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,, Manganese and Iron Citrate with Quinine (Soluble )

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Item es sol khain Viermeister nichts aus der Püchssen hinleihen, dann

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nician of the Year on numerous occasions. Serving as Associate

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ces exercices pour les Européens. On sait de plus, qu'il entre moins d'air

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Indian hemproot tea. An occasional tepid foot-bath Avill be found

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Dose — gr. 1/640 to gr. 1/400 (o-oooi gm. to o-oooi6 gm.)

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'Tabloid' Hypodermic Pocket -Cases provide complete

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Membranous Croup. Kali Bich., 3 x, the best remedy. A

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to their natural position, which may be ascertained on com-

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Small pox may be either distinct or confluent. In the

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genau wie Hippokrates. Besonders viel hielt er von den Wildbädem wegen

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becomes hiiiguid and fretful ; in a short time it begins to fall oft'

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shall keep a correct record, with date, kind of article, whether

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How to Bandage. — There is not a more important art

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in the particular relation now alluded to, leads quickly to

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should on no account be disturbed before the fourth, fifth, or

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to re-excite the vital power by wrapping the child's body in a

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morning with cold salt water. Local applications are of great

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salernitaine. Nous pensons qu'il a rencontré et connu maitre Zacharie.

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qu'elle vient très probablement des anciens philosophes de la Grèce.

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utes, till the looseness, etc., is stopped; and relief is got; or —

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Mu'-cus. The ropy, lubricating, tenacious fluid, secreted by the

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c'est surtout entre les mains des femmes, ajoute Brunus, que sont ces

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ior of the thighs, the groins, and the neighborhood of the joints

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heart and abdominal viscera, this poison does not appear to be


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Zahlreiche Illustrationen sind in diesem Werke enthalten.

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üromanten, Harngucker und Charlatanc, wozu der im XVIII. Jahrhundert

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Encore on-peut nommer pathologie des races la doctrine des circon-

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about six grains in an ounce of distilled Avater, — the eyes to be

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secrete any. The real source of mischief is in the nervous

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tured. They are called incised wounds when they are made

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L'Académie Royale de l'Histoire a fait publit^r cette oeuvre confirment en

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wenn er an die bisherigen Ergebnisse anknüpft und der festgestellten Methoden

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hatte er als Feldchirurg an venetianischen, niederländischen und dänischen

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l'exercice. Or ces différents moyens font partie de Tart médical, de la

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belongs to the class of eruptive fevers; it attacks persons of all

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ointment, 1 ounce. Mix, and anoint the parts night and morn-

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quality, free from irritating products of decomposition.

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La transmission soudaine à une autre contrée, où le climat diflfère

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ipsam sanare, sive curare et curatam reddere suis sumptibus et expensis et

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of acute rheumatism and of rheumatoid arthritis : —

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Equipments specially designed for, and supplied to,

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