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Doch sollen nichts wenigen» die Viermaister alle Hanndlung in ein E.
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heiligen Bücher, die vor vielen Jahrhunderten die grossen Weisen wie z.B.
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with acliing in the loins; licadaclie; drowsiness or excitement;
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dem wir nur schwer Abschied genommen haben, weil es geistreich und zugleich
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distinction entre les artères et les veines, entre les nerfs et les tendons.
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other fatty substances are recommended, but simple oil is best,
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Victorinus de rethorica^ Demosthenes ophtalmicus, 2)
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an approaching fit of apoplexy; then follows indistinct articula-
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a woman at the wash-tub three days after she had been con-
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most important preventive means against this loathsome dis-
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almost sure to result, one day or other, in the most fearful de-
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smooth piece of wood, or of gutta percha, on the under, and
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cing the temperature of acute diseases when dangerously high. Some
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hoping to enlist their sympathies and attention regarding a
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and cayenne, of each one dram; syrup of rhubarb, Q. S. — mix 195 pills. These
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How to Bandage. — There is not a more important art
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in the particular relation now alluded to, leads quickly to
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there are chills and flashes of heat, great oppression about the
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15 Pulsatilla, Merc. — Mealancholy, rheumatism of joints.
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another attack of the same kind occurs, and again soon subsides ;
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,, Bone Medulla, gr. 5, bottles of 100 ... i or more
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One fluid ounce of this product, added to four fluid
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violence to the sex, or of treading ruthlessly beneath his feet
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ounce; solution of morphine, 3 drams; camphor mixture, 6
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Nux Vom., I X, from anxiety; overworked nervous systems and
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üromanten, Harngucker und Charlatanc, wozu der im XVIII. Jahrhundert
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secrete any. The real source of mischief is in the nervous
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drinks of catnip, sage, saffron, or snake-root tea. Where the
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L'Académie Royale de l'Histoire a fait publit^r cette oeuvre confirment en
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hatte er als Feldchirurg an venetianischen, niederländischen und dänischen
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Measurements : 4 x 4 x 2^ in. In rex red, royal blue,
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Il existait cependant encore au XVe siècle, du moins dans le I anguedoc
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grains of laudanum, and apply hot fomentations or use the hip-
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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to
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hypodermic syringe, with two regular steel needles, etc.
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worthy her love. And here we may observe that this is no
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Dr. Luis Aguerrevere, Médecin en chef de l'hôpital Tricoche, „une large
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their more active agency presents itself again. No man of
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fahrener", die chirurgische Heilmethode angewendet habe. Die Hauptsache
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be able to perceive at once how vital the necessity for every
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There is a striking analogy between this disease and the
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fever, which occur at regular intervals. The paroxysm consists of three stages :
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is very remarkable. Sometimes, though the gesticulations are
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sive indulgence in venery, inflammation of the bowels or kid-
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result may often be obtained in the class Known as benign
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and spasmodic disorders, especially when occasioned by fright or grief;
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qu'il avait eue Tété passé, mais rien ne faisait prévoir une issue
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praedictiones neque mortis neque sanitatis" (Aphorismes XIX. Sect. II).
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Al'-ka-li (li or le) . A substance which, when united to acids, neutral-
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Tincture of Guiacum and Sassafras. — Gum guiacum, powdered,
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or wells or other confined places, until you have introduced a
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Diet must be free from starch and sugar. Exclusive milk diet of-
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schädliche Wirkung ausübt. Die Chinesen bilden ein sehr arbeitsames und