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has been found to exert much power, but quinine is decidedly more ef-
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ing away for some time, under a more or less copius discharge of
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then inverted the cup and the poison fell out. He then
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50 drops; water, 1 quart. Mix, and wash the sore with this
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wie trotz aller Gläubigkeit der Aerzte und des Volkes au die wunderbaren
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or indigestion, is brought into operation on the unfortunate
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trations, love stories, the drama, the ball-room, talks of love and
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pain ; but these should be cautiously given, and not carried to
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be tlirown into the mouth every two or three hours; if the sol-
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ful; pour on to it half a pint of boiling water, sweeten, let it settle, when cool,
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much rough handling, without any loss in efficiency and
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déclare partisan de Tidée d'une maladie nouvelle en 1492 ; seulement il ne dit
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This deatnliko condition usually continues a few minutes, and
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ever sliglit defects may be apparent in those who are near and
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issued by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. This brand should always
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sition powder, twice or thrice a day, in dropsy and bladder affections.
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horn in a wineglassful of water, or give a wineglassful of
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excellent food where the mother can only partially nurse the child.
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If tlie inflammation is caused by Spanish-fly blister, with severe strangery,
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slightly elevated, and so confined at the sides as to prevent the
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as hallowed ground. In Cormac's Glossary it is said
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By addressing W. C. King & Co., Springfield, Mass., and enclosing
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ish the dose. Great harm may be done by suppressing a cough
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This must be done by a surgeon. Also, the application of caus-
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j)etnato that feeling of love or affection between man and Avifo
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One fluid ounce of this product added to nine fluid
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F, Holthausen. Zum Physiologus. Anglia, Beibl. XII, 1901.
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once d'or. Il est vrai que le malade fut guéri en trois jours. 2)
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the chest expands, the heart beats, the muscles perform their
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Treatment. — Put an ounce of calcined magnesia into a pint
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Avarm bathing, &c. Let the patient be clothed in flannel next
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Neuralgia. (215) — Aeon., i x, from cold, with fever, in teeth
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Brand Standardised Liquid Extracts commend them fur both
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Q. S. — mix 270 pills. Dose: one, two, or three at night, in constrictions, head-
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much affected, a blister should be applied to the neck. If there
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"ractice'^^'' joiut or siucw without obtaining an indemnity
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professent d'admirer le plus ce qui est le moins connu, le moins compris.
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caustic. In dyspepsia characterized by sour stomach, this acid can be
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and depressor principles associated with many ergot prepara-
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matory action, mild antiphlogistic measures will be necessary,
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or muscles of the eye. In most cases, it admits of cure by the
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fected clothing of the same, must be immediately separated
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health is bad, while it is teething, or while laboring under disease
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still surrounded by it, we must assume to breathe it ourselves
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cancer may find a resting place in the laceration, which would never have
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means " little trefoil," and is appUed to various tre-
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Nous trouYons deux contributions à la connaissance de cette maladie dans
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du mal et qui se seraient trouvés dans la suite de Colomb au retour de son
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a wine-glassful to a whole one, twice during the day, and at bed-time in a little
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Va-ri'-o-lous. Pertaining to or denoting small pox.
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of whom we have a fuller record, may be regarded as
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The word 'Valule' is a brand which designates fine products
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entschuldigung oder Ehafte einem Viermaister zuwissen machen. Dieselb
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ternal parts exempt from it. It often afiects the lungs, liver,
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infused in wine or brandy, with as much rhubarb as will open
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care not to produce salivation. When the sore assumes an in-
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siècles dans quelque région du vieux continent par le commerce des
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Brillenarten beschreibt. Da er einerseits ohne Wiedergabe der Abbildungen
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add herbs — boil ten minutes longer, strain and pour whilst hot upon golden
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So hoch, als sein übertriebenes Selbstgefühl ihn stellte, stand Paracelsus
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necessary to be careful in the air we breathe, the exercise we
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fadke, yowl feateiw fan lecvuti*tq> fate <zhwicf4, &em yowi <mm tecnet fan totccete-.
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night and morning with warm salt and water ; rub well in. two or
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Profuse Menstruation. (2 7 2) (Menorrhagia.) — Calc.Carb.,y>,
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anglaise de cette contrée. Nous ne suivrons pas les affections que contractaient
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donne-t'il Tolède et les princes chrétiens pour venir à la cour de l'émir
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sipelas ; excitability and derangement of the nervous system ; bad conse-
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perineum, are the most frequent causes of ulceration and displacements
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