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Druid, what the cause of it was. The Druid consulted

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the care of his daughter, who " was a noble surgeon."

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cayenne, of each one and a-half ounces; bayberry, and myrrh, of each one

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needle, and so on; secure the ends with a small knob of wax.

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Celtic Period, Aledical Knowledge and Regulations in the 22

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The demeanor, then, to be observed by a young man, in re-

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means the convulsions can be subdued, and the delivery, if it

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Fleabane {Erigeron Canadense) Horseweed, Stoneroot. See

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confined to one of its hemispheres, the attack, if it does not in-

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a en Italie pénurie de chirurgiens et d'oculistes:

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L'enquête que nous allons tenter de faire dans la Collection hippocratique

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'Get busy living or get busy dying." - Andy Dufrene

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with the opposite foot, and should all be reduced on the same

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teaspoonful of wliich may be taken in a cupful of tea or a little

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Inflammation of the Bladder. (196) (Cystitis.) — Aeonite,

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being less regular and copious. In leucorrhooa this is commonly

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the spot where Ballymena now stands, and in'^iislife

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through the pores, and causes evaporation, which regulates the

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uor of the oysters to make a bowl, a few allspice and cloves, a nice

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the alkaloids to which it owes its medicinal effects, chief among

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suppuration, warm bread-poultices must be applied, and after

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fuie sa patrie el qui ne sache pas parler la langue du peuple, et lui-même ne

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thrown aside totally. Fat meats and vegetable oils, so gener-

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Milk, a pint. Place it to boil ; while boiling, take of eggs, three ;

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dyspepsia, characterized by flatulence. Dose, one to two tablespoonfuls.

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many vegetables. A wonderful preservative agent. Used in the prepa-

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gravel pills, living well on dry, stimulating food.

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add powdered angelica root, four drams; powdered crawley root, two drams;

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Item welcher Maister hinfiiro einen Lehrjungen dingen vnnd aufnemmen

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nal virtue is found in the flowers, berries and inner or second bark of

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kidneys and skin and is valuable in cases of suppressed urine and in

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reader is allowed to determine. It is believed by many earnest

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ent medicines altogether. For treatment of the diseases to

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" The results of the constant nervous excitement which this

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Mix. A piece of lint or linen, wetted in this lotion, to be

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canal, respitatory organs, and skin. Burning pains in the stomach,

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Paracelsus betonte namentlich, wie wichtig es bei der Ernährung der

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kunde willen und im Namen der wahren Humanität eindringlich warnen: vor

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eight day after birth. At first, the eyelids appear glued to-

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dem wir nur schwer Abschied genommen haben, weil es geistreich und zugleich

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58 Lobeha. — Chronic rheumatism, asthma, opthalmia.

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In the same manner for fluids divide the quantity suited

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the destruction and pulverization of the scab, and thus increases

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and plaster, and pressure should be kept on the part for some

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tient's incapability of raising the elbow ; the broken ends of the

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distinction entre les artères et les veines, entre les nerfs et les tendons.