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ders : Carbonate of iron, 6 grains ; powdered rhubarb, 4 grains ;

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dial measures. Let the breast be well yet gently rubbed with

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Cramp or Spasm of the Stomach. (135) (Gastralgia.) — Di-

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the eye being red, give Bell., 3 x, every two hours. For hot, scalding,

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her passions, and increase the circulation of blood. Bland,

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band shall be frugal, and their tastes congenial, to a great ex-

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Avithout displacing the fracture. Then after confining the

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growth and vitality, is rejected as a useless and troublesome in-

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vening period ; but with some women the discharge occurs every

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Place about a teaspoonful of ground elm bark in a pint of cold

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and while after ten days' isolation and the use of a bath at the

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2) Wenn seine Handschrift einen groben geschichtlichen Fehler enthält oder

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too, the arm had better be slung, and from a month to five

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about one-eight of an inch deep, tie each stich with a knot (see

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Trotula de Saleme, dont se moque si gauloisement le trouvère Rutebeuf,

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Kosalie Slaugthcr ne croit pas au danger du Haffkine pendant l'incubation,

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although adult and even married women, and young delicate

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addition of nine 2 dr. phials of 'Tabloid' and ' Soloid ' Brand products,

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thin as notepaper, and contain exact doses of pure Exact

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ne peut nier l'influence du hasard, de la chance dans certains cas de

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another precipice that besets his patli from the period of his

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immediately leave the room ; the door should be locked and no

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from impure associates, or the unguarded conversations which

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come somewhat paler, — especially is this perceptible if they are

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proper remedy. Hot vaginal injections, containing a few drops of Fluid

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the introduction of the lava of an insect, or from a violent blow

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In Scotland also, in Celtic times, the practice of the

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or excessive indulgence in venereal or other excesses, or de-

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contra ipsas et maxime coram infirme . . . Non comittat furtum . . . Non rixetur cum Ulis

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sputa known as the prune juice expectoration. The breathing

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Ceci est une copie numérique d'un ouvrage conservé depuis des générations dans les rayonnages d'une bibliothèque avant d'être numérisé avec

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