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be indication of high temperature, a red and burning cheek, put

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zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts in wesentlichen Punkten auf Irrwegen

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but has one or more inmates of this character — poor, thought-

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Ex-u-da'-tion. Perspiration ; the discharge of moisture on the surface

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in all cases afford absolute immunity from the disease ; but in

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Ehpkantiaêiê. — Connu sous les noms à'erysiphle et à* elephantiasis ^ cette

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Pus'-tules. Elevations of the skin having an inflamed base and

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Ground Ivy {Nepeta Glechoma). Used in chronic bronchitis,

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which might not be taken in the presence of some dear friend

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M, Schneideicin, Horaz als Darwinist. Neue Jahrb. f. d. klass. Altertum, IX, 1901.

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Take two Irish potatoes, one onion and a piece of bread ; place

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The patient's mind, during the intermissions of the attack,

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Où a-t'il appris la chirurgie oculaire En suivant quelque praticien

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mine, \ grain ; oil bergamot, 1 minim ; oil lemon, 1 minim.

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with drinking frequently, but little at a time ; complaints from ice cream,

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with the opposite foot, and should all be reduced on the same

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of a very high character, arising from inflammation of the serous

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„en vie un certain type, tandis que dans le climat chaud c'est la chaleur

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the expiration of three or four weeks, if in the larger joints.

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pursued for inflammation of the stomach, though the neutraliz-

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Inflammation of the Breast, (286) (Mammitis.) — ^This

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to do right and that strength to perform it which comes only

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of mental power and moral degradation — villainous, traitorous,

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scruples; pulverized cinnamon, 10 grains. Mix. Dose, three

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had many roots or feet. It is the result of an excessive growth

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Chan'-cre (shank'-er). A venereal or syphlitic sore.

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Inflammation of the Ovaries. (276) (Ovaritis.) — Aeon., i x,

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camphor mixture and mindererus spirit, of each two ounces;

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Lobelia, Pills of. — Extract of lobelia, lobelia herb, powdered, and

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ques propriétés se développaient ou disparaissaient; le type de l'homme restait

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the tongue is covered with a thick brown fur, and the inside of

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Prompt Cathartic. — ]Mix a tablespoonful each, of castor oil and molasses,

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tartar, no good can be effected until this is removed, and it

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infusion, or juice of mugwort, Q. S. to mix with — 165 pills. Two night and

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the powers of life at length succumb, and the patient sinks into

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inflammation, and considerable pain; they are not contagious.

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tell us, that in Lapland this phase of woman's physical life oc-

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fire, but so as the fire's too great heat reach it recipes

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with the first. A perseverance in this plan during ten or twenty

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drinks, milk and water, barley-water, weak tea or whey. Care

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Water as an Emetic— In the great majority of cases, warm water is

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eine E. Hannss zuerlegen ordennliche Vndterschidliche lauttere Rechnung

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